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Feb 28, 2018

In this Infor and Advoco collaboration webinar we will highlight data sharing and separation across departments and organizations like facilities, water, wastewater, and fleet. We’ll share example configurations from real customers including a guest speaker from Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) who will discuss how reporting and analytics empowers utilities to achieve sustainable asset management in a way that balances economic, social, and environmental concerns.

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In diesem Webinar stellen wir Ihnen Expense Reports, eines von vier Kernmodulen, vor und zeigen Ihnen wie nicht nur Anwender Reisekosten ortsunabhängig mithilfe weniger Klicks zeitnah erstellen können, sondern ebenso wie die Lösung den gesamten Genehmigungsprozess beschleunigt.

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This webinar will highlight the significant benefits that Infor Expense Management customers will realize by upgrading their implementation to the latest version. Attendees will be given a strategic overview, will enjoy a short demo and will have the opportunity to interact with our product experts with any questions they may have.

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Please join Infor and Intellias to see how Denver Public Schools is implementing Infor’s new Transition Management module to effectively gain more control and reduce the challenges of managing an ever-changing workforce.

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Join us to learn why Birst is the modern business intelligence solution manufacturers and distributors have been waiting for. Don't miss out on this chance to understand how you can get the most out of your data and glean insights to make impactful business decisions with Birst.

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