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Selling made simple

“For many distributors and manufacturers, the top 5% of accounts represent 65-70% of sales” 1

How do you break out of the “top 5% selling” mode? How do engage more of the 95% with the same sales resources? You enable your people to know more, do more and sell more. How? Give them what they need.

Know more
 – Provide key customer information to your sales team that is accurate, up–to-date and provides predictive analysis of the “next best offer” for their customers.

Do more
 – Enable your sales team to do less administrative work by providing them with intuitive sales tools and more effiecient processes resulting in more selling time.

Sell more
 – Reduce the sales cycle, increase customer lifetime value, and increase win rates, through a sound customer experience strategy and watch your revenue numbers increase.

Watch this recorded webinar for a look into how these strategies and tools will help you outpace the competition and improve profitability by:

  • Mastering your sales pipeline to grow your business
  • Implementing Sales 2.0 - real-time predictive intelligence
  • Move from cumbersome sales processes to streamlined quoting

Register today and watch whenever it suits you.

1, 2015
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