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Turn Your Website into Your Top Salesperson

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What if you could increase the number of items customers place in their shopping carts? And what if you could offer personalized website content and recommendations based not only on a visitor's actions today, but on all their interactions across all your channels (phone, email, web, etc.)?

To do that with today's anytime/anywhere consumers, you need a web-focused system that can provide customers with a personalized shopping experience to boost the size of each sale, differentiate your brand, and keep them coming back for more.

View this on-demand webinar to see how Infor CRM Epiphany Shopping Advisor optimizes the purchasing experience by automatically recommending products and offers to site visitors as they shop based on the products they view, purchase, search for, or add to wish lists or shopping carts. Shopping Advisor also instantly accesses and uses relationship history data, gathered from all interaction channels, to deliver the most relevant recommendations.

Discover how you can deliver the most relevant, highest impact offers at the moment of customer interaction and track and measure each interaction to adapt and improve effectiveness over time.

With Shopping Advisor, you can:

  • See what visitors are looking at on your site.

  • Provide visitors with relevant content as they browse.

  • Offer personalized product recommendations.

  • Match the value of an offer to the value a customer brings to your company.

See how both you and your customers will benefit. Your customers find and purchase products they want and need, faster-and you convert more shopping carts to sales, sell more per click, and increase customer loyalty.

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