What’s the difference?


Learn what separates Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) from Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

The terms EAM and CMMS have been thrown around interchangeably for years. And on the surface, these products all make similar claims and seem to do similar things. They’re all geared towards maintenance, they all offer cloud-based subscriptions, and most of them provide additional features like inventory management and asset tracking. Some CMMS systems even offer features that have traditionally been the domain of EAM systems, such as purchasing modules or multi-site management tools.

This raises an important question. In today’s market—where web architecture and mobile apps are par for the course, and multi-site support is becoming more and more common—is there any noticeable difference between an EAM system and a CMMS? Have we reached a point where the lines are so blurred that they’re basically the same thing?

The answer is yes, there’s a difference, and no, they’re not the same thing. View the webinar recording, led by industry thought leaders, as we dive into the key differences that separate the two classes of solutions in terms of approach and functionality. During the one-hour event we’ll help answer:

  • What defines a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)?
  • What defines an enterprise asset management (EAM) system?
  • What are the differences (and why do they matter)?
  • Which one is right for my business and where do I go next?

Additionally, when you register for the on-demand webinar you will also receive an instant PDF copy of the new perspective EAM vs. CMMS: Don’t Get Fooled.

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