Introducing Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management


Introducing Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management

Maintaining your organization’s facilities is a big and complex job. Not only must you effectively manage the health and maintenance of your facilities, grounds, and assets, but you also must address the increasingly important role that energy demand management, industry certifications, tenant requirements, and environmental stewardship play in your success.

Introducing Infor CloudSuite™ Facilities Management to help you better control the operating and workforce expenses of maintaining your facilities while improving the services that you offer to your tenants and customers.

Sign up to view our recorded 30-minute webinar to see a presentation of the new pre-built vertical configurations of Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management designed to address the needs of specific  industries. We also discussed facility management functions to:

  • Streamline the management of physical assets in your facilities, including locations, cost history, warranties, documents and more
  • Optimize incident tracking, work orders, and service requests for preventative maintenance with easy-to-use scheduling tools
  • Generate forecasts, expense reports and operational reports using embedded, advanced analytics
  • Address specific operational scenarios that a general maintenance contractor, self-managed contractor or in-house technician might encounter

Watch the webinar to discover how Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management optimizes your workforce, improves service levels and implements best practices as standard across the enterprise.

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