Revolutionizing Facilities Management in the Cloud


Facilities management is undergoing a revolution. Energy demand management, LEED Certification, sustainability, and environmental stewardship have a greater impact on your success than never before. Combined with the specific requirements of facility managers, service providers, building owners, and tenants—and you need a technology solution to help you manage them all of these complex, business challenges.

With user-role configuration and asset management functionality, Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management can help you to address the needs of your specific vertical industry and meet your team’s real job requirements.

View the recorded on-demand webinar to a get a day-in-the-life demonstration of Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management and you’ll also learn more about:  

  • Process flows from call center ticketing to work completion
  • Mobile access and compatibility
  • Cross-team business collaboration tools
  • Building/facility/campus asset hierarchy from major equipment down to spare parts
  • Energy performance management and sustainability

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