Elevating Enterprise Asset Management with Infor EAM v11.2

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Join us to get a firsthand look at the new release of Infor EAM v11.2

The newest release of our enterprise asset management solution, Infor EAM v11.2, is now available to take your organization to the next level. View our recorded webinar to get a firsthand look at functionality in the new release.

Infor EAM v11.2 includes a host of new capabilities to streamline your asset management activities and enhance your capacity to grow while outperforming the competition. Examples include:

  • A contractor portal added to issue work orders and receive estimates and notes.
  • Asset reservations to request and reserve virtually any type of asset (vehicles, conference rooms, IT assets).
  • Key Management to help you track and manage keys and associate them to key rings, employees, locks, vehicles, and rooms.
  • Case Management to record and track events, incidents and other information (ex. operator notes without work order).
  • Streamlined Call Center to consolidate and simplify work requests and call center operator processes.
  • Workspace Management to track workspace assignments, furnishings, and work orders to effectively plan and execute workspace moves.
  • Sets & Consists provides the Transit industry capabilities to link rolling assets together as a set and to link one or more sets with individual assets.

We demonstrated a number of these capabilities live in the event. Simply complete the form to view the webinar recording instantly.  

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