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If a picture is worth a thousand words then a CAD (computer-aided design) image tells an entire story. Infor EAM OpenCAD extends the value of EAM (enterprise asset management) by integrating the tabular asset information with CAD graphical representations of those assets. With Infor EAM OpenCAD you can instantly see everything you need to know about your assets, from their preventive maintenance scheduling and warranty status, to their energy use profiles and locations.

View the on-demand webinar to learn how to save time tracking asset usage, visualize potentially hazardous areas within structural assets, and represent process and instrumentation status involving assets using Infor EAM OpenCAD.

The presentation includes guest speakers from Bentley University who shared their experiences using Infor EAM OpenCAD. We also discussed how you can establish color-coded themes within graphics to represent everything from preventive maintenance scheduling to the availability of office spaces with Infor EAM OpenCAD which makes searching for information faster and easier. We also covered:

  • Powerful auto-discovery capabilities of Infor EAM OpenCAD
  • Tools to access and create work orders directly from an asset’s CAD graphic
  • How to modify drawings in EAM without using AutoCAD® or MicroStation®
  • Infor EAM OpenCAD support and versioning for DWG and DGN files

We invite you to view the webinar recording instantly to see the benefits of drilling down to a specific asset to see its CAD graphic information and its EAM tabular data at the same time.

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