A Journey to Successful
Maintenance Management

On Demand Webinar


Inforum 2016 was a whirlwind event featuring many dynamic presentations from global Infor customers. One of the most compelling sessions featured guest speakers from Ring Container who highlighted their journey to successful maintenance management.

Even if you missed Inforum or the session live, you can now watch this encore presentation to hear directly from a customer using multiple Infor solutions including Infor EAM, LN, CPM, PLM, Infor ION, and Infor Ming.le. Kevin Williams, Senior Business Analyst from Ring Container Technologies, shared his organization’s experiences in unifying 18 distributed plants and databases, achieving consistency with their parts lists, streamlining invoice processes and more.

With a special focus on Infor EAM, we dove into fundamental maintenance management issues such as how strategic KPIs can be configured using EAM’s existing functionality, without customization. We also discussed:

  • Methods to streamline and clean up screens to get rid of the noise and reduce clicks
  • Tool tips like using a timer on an iPad to track work time
  • Ways to let the system automatically generate part requisitions
  • Tips for reducing inventory by 25% by eliminating duplication, obsolete parts, and shared parts
  • How to design your own screens and make sections required, optional, or hidden as needed

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