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Manufacturing @ the Speed of Change On-Air Series

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Session Topic
Session 1 From product line to consumer: Deliver finished goods to your customers effectively at lowest possible cost
Peter Shada, solutions consultant, Infor

In today's competitive economy, you must deliver the perfect order the first time and every time to win customers and drive sales. While you face these external customer pressures, distribution operations are also forced to look for ways to reduce costs and ramp up productivity. Learn how end-to-end supply chain visibility combined with an efficient execution system can help you make better decisions, execute those decisions faster and deliver the perfect order each time and every time at the lowest possible cost.
Session 2 Food & Beverage : Least Cost Formulation as a Competitive Advantage
Michael Greenbaum, Director Global PLM, Presales, Infor

Least-cost formulation is an ideal way for companies to deliver more product value to their customers while at the same time optimizing their operations to increase revenue and reduce costs. Join this session as we provide an overview of how integrating capabilities in product lifecycle management and supply chain planning are giving Food & Beverage companies a competitive advantage.
Session 3 S&OP Back to Basics – Avoiding the 'Shiny Objects Syndrome'
Max Higgins, Solutions Consultant, Infor

The efficiency of your supply chain—and the profitability of your business—rely on your sales and operations plan. Your plan determines your success in meeting customer demands and putting all your resources to work in synchronizing supply to meet demand. Learn more about how best-in-class manufacturing companies run the Sales and Operations Planning process and what pitfalls to avoid when establishing the process.
Session 4
Facing the Global Pressures on Fashion
Robert (Bob) McKee, Industry Strategist, Fashion, Infor

Fashion companies are facing pressures on four key fronts including: Macro Economic Environment; Fashion Competition & Consolidation including Faster Fashion from companies like Zara; Shifting Demand Distribution Requirements; and Ever Increasing Global Regulatory and Corporate Governance Requirements. Join us as we discuss how these global pressures affect your company and what you can do to remain competitive.
Session 5
Product Lifecycle Management: Why your ERP Doesn't Support R&D
Michael Greenbaum , Solutions Consultant, Infor

From concept to design to development, testing, and production, the product lifecycle is an increasingly complex one, especially in today's economy, when trimming costs and making smarter decisions at every step can make the difference between a market leader and a "me too." Learn how the right PLM solution can help you create higher quality products, launch new products in less time and at lower costs.
Session 6
Fashion Manufacturing Practices At Work
Robert (Bob) McKee, Industry Strategist, Fashion, Infor

Fashion manufacturers today are approaching critical strategic and operational forks in the road. Do you retain the status quo or do you create strategic supply networks? Do you remain a batch manufacturer or do you move to a demand driven model? Making the right choices can be the difference between success or failure; profit or loss. Join us as we discuss the key issues and provide tips to help steer you down the right path.

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