Assessments: Balancing Candidate Experience and Strategic Results


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As more and more companies choose to rely on pre-employment assessment solutions to improve hiring decisions, they are faced with a variety of vendor options, all proclaiming that their assessment platform is better than others. Some offer a single battery of personality questions or behavioral measures for all positions, while others require candidates to take multiple tests to be considered for multiple positions.

When seeking the best employees, the quality of the candidate experience can often steer candidates TO your organization, or AWAY depending on the assessment method. Job seekers want convenience, easy-to-use applications, and a simple process that will quickly lead to a hire/no hire resolution, and it’s up to HR’s assessment technology to pave the way.

View this on-demand webinar to explore the current assessment marketplace and gain valuable guidance on how candidates’ needs are best served through corporate HR’s single or multi-test hiring processes, and how the right assessment technology can create a win-win for employees and employers.

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Oliver-Yates Oliver Yates, Vice President, Sales, Infor
As VP of Sales for Talent Science, the employee selection tool within Infor’s human capital management suite, Oliver Yates is responsible for delivering a science-based talent management solution that helps organizations select, develop, and retain top-performing employees.
Yates has served in various business development roles within Talent Science (formerly PeopleAnswers) since 2004. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Liverpool and a Master’s degree from the University at Albany - State University of New York..

Patrick-McKittrick Patrick McKittrick, Vice President, Pre-Sales, Infor
Patrick McKittrick is the Director of Global Presales for Infor’s Human Capital Management Suite. Patrick came to Infor through the acquisition of PeopleAnswers and brings a unique background that combines experience in both Sales and Service Delivery Leadership in the SaaS arena. During his time at PeopleAnswers Patrick helped to develop and grow the Client Services Team that produced a 96% client retention rate last year. His in depth knowledge of behavioral assessment, selection, talent management and development was acquired through years of hands on experience with the largest and most complex clients that helped to shape the product now known as Infor Talent Science. 

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