How to stay compliant as labor legislation evolves


Labor legislation is ever-evolving. Due to a recent legislative decision, the overtime adjustments under the revised Fair Labor Standards Act that have stoked the fires of discussion for months will NOT be made into law. If you have already made workforce adjustments to proactively prepare for these changes, what now? And this is just one consideration amongst a slew of existing workforce regulations that have resulted in a 450% increase in class action lawsuits since 2000.

More change is coming. Is your business ready?

Whether it's Advanced Attestation, Location Tracking, or ADA Compliance, new legislation will add to the growing administrative burden of managing a workforce. This webinar explores the implications regarding your business, your employees, and the processes and systems you will need to stay in compliance.

HR departments already dealing with the complexities of the Minimum Wage, the Affordable Care Act and paid sick leave will face even greater demands on their time and resources.

View this recorded webinar to explore the implications for your business and how to tackle them.

  • The increasing burden of workforce legislation
  • The costs of non-compliance
  • Using Pay Rules to meet complex labor rules
  • Preventing non-compliance with automated scheduling rules

What processes and systems will you need in place to avoid substantial class suits and non-compliance fines?

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