Getting the most from Millennials–
the untethered workforce


Speaker:    Marcus Mossberger, Industry Strategy Director, Infor

The Millennials are here. Already the largest demographic in the US workforce, they are changing the way employees are supported, enabled and empowered at work. This generation, born between 1982 and 2002, is the first to have grown up in a wired, always-on world. The result: they have different aspirations and new ways of working.

Are you ready to make the most of them?

Whether it’s a focus on output (rather than time served) or a propensity to be online all the time, Millennials can bring great value to your organization – if they are engaged with, rather than managed in the traditional sense. In this webinar Marcus Mossberger takes us through the technical and human issues around making the most of your Millennial workforce, including:

  • Shifting from time-bounded to results-oriented work
  • Going mobile – supporting your wired workforce
  • Moving from command-and-control management to enablement
  • The purpose factor – making sure work has meaning

Harnessed well, this new, untethered workforce has an unbeatable combination of energy and application. Are you ready for the Millennials?
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MarcusMossbergerHeadshot.pngMarcus Mossberger is responsible for working with Infor healthcare clients to identify opportunities to align their largest people-related challenges with new and existing Infor solutions and services, including core HR, Talent Management, Workforce Management and HR Service Delivery. He brings more than 10 years of expertise in the Human Capital Management (HCM) industry to the Infor team. Prior to joining Infor, Mossberger was a Product Manager at API Healthcare (GE Healthcare), where he was responsible for the creation of market demand for HR, Payroll and Talent Management solutions. His genuine passion for managing HCM solutions in the healthcare industry stems from years of working as an HR practitioner, as well as his experience developing products and services, managing partnerships, improving operations, and developing new business.

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