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6 employee motivational myths debunked!

If you think you know what keeps people engaged at work, be prepared to be challenged. If you think that Millennials care more about a company's culture than its work, think again. 

It turns out a lot of conventional wisdom about work is just plain wrong.

Original research from Infor's Talent Science team challenges these and other notions about the workplace, including:

  • Money is our sole motivating factor for work (you'll be surprised at other key motivators)
  • Employees take no responsibility for their own development (only 1% say this)
  • Friendships keep employees happy (surprisingly, not a major factor)

If you want to make the most of your employees, you need to know what makes them tick. View this recorded webinar and establish your workforce management strategy with hard facts, not tired myths.

Meet the speaker:


Jon Kirchhoff, Director of Human Capital Management—Behavioral Analytics, Infor

  • Leads the Talent Science Behavioral Analytics department responsible for the construction and validation of all selection instruments
  • Has developed over 650 assessments for use in personnel selection across a wide array of jobs in various industries
  • Works on Talent Science product offerings and is heavily involved in research & development as it relates to science and technology

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