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Why Infor Human Capital Management?

Useful, flexible, and powerful, Infor Human Capital Management empowers organizational leaders with the critical tools and information they need to optimize the workforce and HR. Check out the success stories some of our customers have experienced with this complete HCM platform.


Hear from our customers

Pilot Flying J, Discover Financial Services, Liberty Healthcare Management, and more discuss the powerful functionality, speed, and other advantages of Infor Human Capital Management. .

Pilot Flying J

"The more I see about Infor, the more I think we made the right decision. I really like the cloud strategy. I like the integration associated with all the different functions, specifically within the HCM suite."

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Discover Financial Services

“Whether it's understanding what we need from a data perspective, understanding the logistics of going through the incumbent assessments, or understanding from a day-to-day process how our recruiters and hiring managers needed to interact with the tools…the team that has been supporting us from Infor has been with us every step of the way.”

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TTI Techtronic

"Infor Learning Management has allowed us to directly contribute tens of millions of dollars in revenue to the company, but I feel that the single greatest impact is the training department's ability to help every employee to do their job better and with greater satisfaction."

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State of South Dakota

"Infor Talent Acquisition allows us to effectively attract talent through increased involvement of managers in the recruitment process. Infor Talent Management ensures they are aligned to the strategy and adequately rewarded which leads to increased retention rates."

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Presbyterian Healthcare Services

"We needed to take a holistic approach to our entire HR system in order find, develop, and retain employees best suited to our unique culture of care at Presbyterian Healthcare Services. Infor offers a flexible solution that depends on science-driven technology, which is best suited to our needs."

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"To manage the Replenishment and Customer Experience teams for our 'Store of the Future,' we were creating some positions that didn't exist. The operators came to us and said, 'We want an Infor Talent Science profile' because they had such faith in what we'd already done."

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Denver Public Schools

"When we were looking at Infor Talent Management, we heavily reviewed the functionality that was available within compensation to make sure that it
could handle the rules for our ProComp systems."

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Liberty Healthcare Management

"Within the first year or so we were seeing close to a million dollars in labor management cost reduction. It helped employees to be more accountable for their hours."

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See the ROI customers are achieving

By aligning team members' personal attributes with the role best suited to them, Infor's HCM solutions help both brick-and-mortar stores and online outlets optimize in-store and online staffing, streamline the hiring process, increase sales per associate, reduce turnover, deliver career-spanning development programs, and improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

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  • Automate key workforce management processes across regions and districts.
  • Comply with complex regulations and rules around the workforce and process enterprise-wide payroll.
  • Schedule the right coverage around seasonal needs.
  • Deliver development and succession planning strategies.

Healthcare organizations face unique human capital challenges, such as rising labor costs, a shortage of skilled labor, changing regulations, and turnover of highly trained personnel. That's why Infor partners with hospitals, healthcare systems, and extended care providers to deliver adaptable human capital solutions that support your need to provide quality patient care.

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  • Standardize HR applications on a single platform to reduce HR interfaces and required support.
  • Unify systems to drive performance and increase employee career opportunities.
  • Decrease expenses and errors by incorporating job accountabilities with positions.
  • Implement a system that supports the entire recruit-to-retire employee lifecycle.

The public sector is facing new and challenging issues. Budget cuts, hiring freezes, and a decrease in available skills all add pressure while new public expectations of services and financial accountability expand. Infor helps local and state governments, education stakeholders, and others in the public sector reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and plan ahead.

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  • Allow HR to take on more strategic initiatives by involving managers in the entire recruitment process.
  • Make the recruitment process more interactive and more accurate, reducing employee turnover.
  • Manage compensation, payroll, and benefits processes more efficiently.

Guest experience is a primary driver of traveler choice for hospitality providers. Great service comes from great people that allow hospitality companies to cut costs and maximize revenue potential. Infor helps hotels, resorts, casinos, and other related enterprises produce results that drive revenue through informed workforce decisions, reduced turnover, improved performance, and reduced operating costs.

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  • Control payroll and manage various roles, while maintaining compliance with employment laws.
  • Eliminate paper and reduced manual processes, providing more consistent information.
  • Reduce HR workload and costs, allowing staff to focus on more strategic activities.
  • Accelerate timetable to implement manager self-service capabilities.

Financial institutions in banking and securities, investment management, insurance, and other related areas must control costs and evaluate organizational restructuring. Regulatory reform, rising competition, and growing stakeholder expectations have prompted institutions to reconsider how they approach business, operations, and talent. That's why financial institutions rely on Infor to bring about greater accuracy and efficiency to their operations.

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  • Automate operations and processes, including benefits admin, into a paperless environment.
  • Drastically reduce payroll errors by eliminating need for frequent manual intervention.
  • Empower managers to perform transfer, promotion, evaluation, and compensation management actions online.
  • Improve efficiency and increase cost savings thanks to a single, integrated HR solution.

Being flexible and responsive to customer needs is a daily challenge within the manufacturing industry. What if you could build better relationships with your extended supply chain? And what if you could reduce costs and increase capacity while delivering higher-quality products with a stronger workforce? You can save time, labor, and money while growing your company with new solutions designed specifically for manufacturing's HCM needs.

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  • Constantly standardize, streamline, and automate processes.
  • Save time, effort, and cost for employees, who access information without waiting.
  • Empower HR to focus on more value-add tasks and less on administrative ones.
  • Forecast business and talent needs, while maintaining compliance with safety issues and other regulations.

Our applications beat the competition

See what analyst firms including Nucleus Research and Constellation Research are saying about Infor HCM applications.

Nucleus research Infor vs Kronos

Head to head

For HCM professionals at large complex organizations, Infor Workforce Management edges out the competition when it comes to implementation, customer support, and functionality, reports Nucleus Research.

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Tech for transformation

Thanks to our key functionality and requirements for early adopters, Infor Cloudsuite HCM has been named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Global HCM Suites and Enterprise Cloud Finance.

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CloudSuite HCM

Infor Human Capital Management software empowers organizational leaders with critical tools and information to optimize the workforce and HR.

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