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Juni 8, 2020

What’s your favourite quote in times like these?

“You are on mute” and “Sorry, hold on, someone’s at the door …”

What is something positive that you have learned from the current challenge?

Being on the road normally 50 – 70 % of my time, I had to re-learn the daily family life and the common pattern. Which in the end was not that hard and I do really enjoy that, despite the home-schooling challenge over the last 2 ½ months with 3 kids.

How have you been motivating yourself during this crisis?

It can’t get worse, and borders, business and hotels are opening up again! Ready to support our customers. Ready to travel again.

What’s a new habit that you have picked up – apart from “Social Distancing?“

We can communicate much more remotely as we thought before and it is a pleasure to accept calls with the counterpart already with an activated webcam. Unseen before!

What particularly impresses you at the moment?

The ongoing spirit of everyone, working through the current climate. And despite business being important, we see many other priorities that surface and people focus on their health and a save environment!

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