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DSL products

The Infor Dynamic Science Labs (DSL) team applies machine learning and predictive analytics to craft data-driven solutions using a variety of cutting-edge tools and technologies. From automating tough big data challenges to infusing decisions with forecasts and predictive recommendations, we co-innovate with customers to rapidly develop new products and influence solution roadmaps.

Infor Inventory Intelligence for Healthcare uses the customer’s historical data, plus ordering and receiving schedules, to provide filtered and prioritized recommendations for inventory coordinators to review and approve before submitting. Delivering consumable, actionable insights, the application helps Infor Lawson customers to:

  • Optimize the min and max settings for items in inventory, reducing overall inventory spend
  • Maintain and improve the existing high service levels required by health systems
  • Save time on day to day inventory management and free up coordinators to focus on critical exception management activities
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Infor Pricing Science for Distribution was developed for wholesale distributors to optimize pricing of hundreds of thousands of products for thousands of customers, factoring in changing costs, vendor rebate agreements, and other complexities. To help set and maintain competitive prices that increase margin without alienating customers, the application employs a three-part approach:

  • Base pricing rules on list prices and/or costs, with the ability to adjust increases for product visibility and prioritization of loyal customers
  • Track and evaluate performance to fix problems before they become severe and encourage positive trends
  • Use clustering to define customer and product segments, reduce the problem’s dimensionality, and overcome data sparsity

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Many CRM solutions are based on blindly adding customers to the sales funnel. Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM allows marketers to focus efforts where they are most needed and differentiate strategy based on where the customer is on the purchase continuum. Leveraging data that organizations already collect, the application can:

  • Identify shopping patterns using Next Likely Purchase technology that aggregates customer data, industry information, outside trends, and market changes
  • Automatically incorporate feedback and update Lead Scoring recommendations in real time through an auto-select, auto-tune, non-heuristic based system
  • Provide data such as contacts and past purchases in an easily readable, dashboard format
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DSL is working closely with the GT Nexus product team to build an automatic machine-learning based solution that predicts the ETA of a shipment for buyers and suppliers and updates it from order to completion of manufacturing and across multiple modes of shipment. The application applies machine learning to community data from the GT Nexus solution’s large customer base to:

  • Replace the labor-intensive, manual ETA models typically used by organizations, with automated models that are easily available to all customers
  • Deliver more accurate forecasts that automatically stay up to date based on network events—not just an individual customer’s shipments
  • Enable more accurate and reliable shipments, and facilitate agile response to volatility

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Our vision

The next generation of enterprise software won't just collect, report, and distribute information. It will anticipate problems and respond with solutions. It will uncover opportunities and recommend next steps. It will drive strategies in all areas of business, from recruiting and staffing to asset management and pricing. It will use data science to identify, analyze, and solve complex business problems.

To make your investment in big data really pay off, you need to harness your data in an intelligent way so you can use it as a basis for making better, faster decisions and even self-learning decisions that can inform future actions.

Our mission: Do science. Be transformative. Create value.

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How we’re building it

Infor Dynamic Science Labs builds machine learning and predictive analytics into Infor applications so that companies like yours can turn big data into a big competitive advantage. We work with Infor customers and product managers to identify industry-wide challenges and then solve them using elegant but understandable scientific methods.

Right now, we're improving inventory availability and staffing allocations for hospitals and manufacturers, enhancing assortment for retailers, reinventing price optimization for distributors—and that's just the beginning. If you're interested in learning more about predictive analytics in your Infor solution or collaborating on a future project, contact your Infor representative or email us at science.labs@infor.com.

Chief Scientist: Ziad Nejmeldeen

Ziad Nejmeldeen

Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist Ziad Nejmeldeen heads Infor Dynamic Science Labs. A software veteran with a PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he is responsible for leading Infor's team of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and economists based in Cambridge, MA, who are using the power of predictive analytics to simplify the way organizations make decisions.

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Interested in joining our team? Key DSL roles include:

  • Scientists who design solutions that solve our customers' pressing business problems
  • Science Analysts who support the solutions by conducting in-depth analysis on large data sets
  • Science Solution Managers who help turn those protoypes into value-based, science-focused applications.

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