Infor Education Alliance Program

Next-generation tools for next-generation leaders

Succeeding in business is tougher than ever before. The Infor Education Alliance Program helps talented students and professionals get an edge on the competition.

Participants get access to specialized software packages, training materials, and customized, hands-on learning experiences using groundbreaking technology that is already transforming work for more than 70,000 organizations worldwide. By developing proficiency using these industry-specific business tools, students and professionals at every level can gain critical skills that will set them apart in the job market.

Here's how it works:

Institutions ›

Integrate real-world business apps into curricula to enhance learning.


Professional associations ›

Deliver in-demand skills training and drive thought leadership.

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Team up to develop skilled talent.

Program Offerings

These immersive experiences provide participants with deep industry-specific functionality, capabilities, user experience design, powerful social collaboration tools, as well as an opportunity to shape the next iteration of business software.

Solution Endowments

Integrate proven industry-specific software and innovative social collaboration tools into courseware and learning projects.

Product Accreditation & Certification

Build product, functional, and professional skills proficiency through Infor Campus.

Skills Marketplace

Get connected with global, market-leading brands, customers, and partners to support the discovery of potential employment and partnership opportunities. Learn more about Skills Marketplace ›

Centers of Excellence

Drive thought leadership on current and emerging business trends, as well as impact new or add-on application development.

Infor Scholars

Intern with teams such as Infor’s sales, marketing, consulting, development, and support divisions, as well as its internal creative agency and R&D lab, Hook & Loop.

Infor software is used by:


21 of 25 largest US health delivery networks


23 of top 50 largest US hospitals


16 of 20 largest US cities


4,700+ machinery manufacturers


3,000+ financial services companies


1,200+ state and local government agencies


1,100+ apparel and footwear companies

‘Stop being corporate, political,’ says Infor talent VP on hiring for the future

Companies may want to hire talented people with a range of educational and work experience for a number of reasons. Some say that diverse and even dissonant opinions help formulate broadly appealing advertisements, for example. But old habits in the human resources department die hard. Many companies hire predictably from the same talent pool year after year. So how can they reach out and attract fresh blood into their ranks?

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Live from Inforum 2017
New York City College of Technology

This alliance underscores the critical role that public-private partnerships play in fostering the skilled workforce needed to keep New York globally competitive. The partnership will afford City Tech students invaluable access to Infor's expertise and products, and allow them to fully experience what it's like to work for a global company such as Infor.

We are also extremely pleased with this opportunity to provide our students with exposure to the advanced technology so essential to the needs of our rapidly changing economy.

Russell K. Hotzler President, New York City College of Technology
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