Infor Education Alliance Program

Infor Education Alliance Program

for Professional Associations

Attract leaders

Professional associations work to strike a balance between expanding the practice of an
occupation or industry, and supporting their members who are working to advance in their
industry and increase their standing in the workplace. Participation in the Infor Education
Alliance Program can help associations attract new members and retain current members by:

  • Extending experiences and insights through the use of free tools, resources,
    and support.
  • Delivering experience, knowledge, and technical skills' development that will
    differentiate members from peers and enable them to get a head
    start and thrive in their careers.

Program Offerings

Each of the program options can be engaged individually or in any combination.

Solution Endowments

Help members gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by providing access to proven industry-specific software and innovative social collaboration tools and learning projects that build and enhance skills. Enterprise software tools such as Infor Enterprise Asset Management are available via Infor CloudSuite™, delivered on Amazon Web Services®.

Product Accreditation & Certification

Help members build product, functional, and professional skills proficiency through Infor Campus.

Skills Marketplace

Members who achieve Infor accreditation and/or certification can get connected with global, market-leading brands, customers, and partners to support the discovery of potential employment, networking, and partnership opportunities. Learn more about Skills Marketplace ›

Centers of Excellence

Collaborate on research-driven thought leadership initiatives on current and emerging business trends, as well as projects that develop analytical and technical skills, while leveraging the Infor technical stack of Infor Mongoose, Infor ION®, and Infor Ming.le™.

Highly focused solutions
Joint marketing and PR

Develop joint program offerings and campaigns that further respective goals, as well as receive support for annual events and other activities of joint interest.

Deliver essential benefits


In today's competitive market, young professionals can select from a range of associations that offer opportunities to network, develop skills, and broaden knowledge. According to a survey conducted by the Australasian Society of Association Executives, a majority of respondents called out the need to keep up with current industry trends as a primary motivator for joining a professional association. Availability of development programs and learning resources was also cited as a top benefit. The Infor Education Alliance Program provides opportunities to access and develop skills using truly innovative tools that are already in use by leading organizations in every industry.


97% of respondents said that their main reason for joining a professional association is to keep up with the latest industry developments.