Infor Education Alliance Program – Skills Marketplace

Infor Education Alliance Program – Skills Marketplace

Hire and retain skilled talent

Organizations need to hire talented people who have an understanding of their business practices. But in order to secure people who have knowledge of your industries, markets, or products and can be active contributors from day one, your organization must source talent with years of experience. Sourcing cost-effective labor that can fulfill any knowledge gaps within your organization can become difficult and costly.  Participation in the Skills Marketplace can help your organization by:

  • Delivering a talent pool of potential candidates who have the experience, knowledge, and technical skills needed for success within any role
  • Providing your organization with cost-effective labor
  • Strengthening your ability to identify and secure best fit talent
  • Increasing your brand awareness among future decision makers

Participants in EAP’s Skills Marketplace gain expertise by participating in industry-sponsored class course or project work, working within a Center of Excellence, self-directed study to achieve product certification, and/or participating as a Scholar intern with Infor.  These experiences provide participants experiential learning and training on Infor products, solutions, methodologies and industry knowledge, making them “Infor-ready” day one.  The Skills Marketplace helps connect this Infor-ready talent, with the organizations that need talent with these specific skill sets.

The Skills Marketplace has three components:

The platform—The Skills Marketplace Platform serves as virtual collaborative community for EAP skilled talent and Infor’s ecosystem. The platform allows users to connect, collaborate, and discover professional opportunities, as well as get access to our learning center and upcoming events, and gain insight into what is needed to be great. The platform is scheduled to launch this year.

LEAP Associates—The top talent from the Education Alliance Program are invited to join an 18-month long, intensive on-the-job training program that will prepare them to become contributors to Infor’s ecosystem and future decision makers. Associates within the program have been identified as having the potential, ability, and aspiration to move up into leadership positons within an organization. These high-potential employees play an integral part within various Infor departments; based on their experience within the Education Alliance Program, they will be fully ready to assume a position of responsibility within any team.

The Partners in Education initiative—Here, partners serve as relationship managers and liaisons between the Education Alliance Program and an educational organization. Essentially, they provide advice, guidance, structure, and support. In return the partners receive access to trained talent, free PR, Marketing and Campaign Support as well as access to potential sales opportunities. Once an educational organization expresses interest in the Education Alliance Program, the Partners in Education collaborate with them to integrate an Infor solution or technology into their course curriculum, to meet their learning objectives. Partners help develop a talent pipeline within their local region, and expand the Education Alliance Program’s footprint. As a result, they help create a steady flow of global candidates who are prepared and searching for opportunities. When partners join Partners in Education, they gain entry to a world of potential talent—talent that’s trained on the technologies, solutions, and industries that matter most to their business

Talent profiles

Many skilled individuals join Infor as Scholar interns or other offerings provided through the Education Alliance Program.  Here are a few noteworthy profiles:


Abel Haile, Launch Manager

In my time at Infor, I have assisted in maintaining consistent deliverance of key internal material from Product Managers and Industry Directors, such as Quarterly Business Reviews, Product/Industry Roadmaps, and Product Battlecards.

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Kevon Butts, Scholar - Analyst

As part of the Value Engineering team at Infor, I’ve had the opportunity to create or collaborate on a number of projects ranging from the Weekly Reference Showcase, Customer Snapshot creation, and several spreadsheets/slide decks that increase asset visibility.

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Helena Santiago, Software Engineer, Associate

I am currently leading a team of 3 Scholars in the development of the web application for the Education Alliance Program using the Mongoose framework. Our development process includes the structuring of the database, design of the user interface, and the creation of dashboards.

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Rajat Pillai, Scholar, Analyst

Over the summer I worked on some product development, researching and compiling over a hundred relevant manufacturing KPIs to create executive dashboards with drill down capability. 

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Skills Marketplace Platform (Launching in 2016)


Connect, collaborate and discover opportunities

Build users’ professional identity online and connect with skilled talent, hiring managers, and decision makers in the industry.


Expand opportunities

Discover professional opportunities, new ventures and a community to foster new ideas.


Learn and Share

Find Infor information in our learning center, get access to upcoming events, and gain insight into what is needed to be great.

Employment stats from the Wall Street Journal

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52% of US companies report difficulty filling jobs


47% of employers blame prospects’ lack of "hard" job skills or technical skills


35% of companies cite candidates’ lack of experience


25% of companies blame lack of business knowledge or formal qualifications


28% of companies are increasing staff training and development


Source Capelli, Peter. "Why Companies Aren't Getting the Employees They Need." WSJ. N.p., 24 Oct. 2011. Web. 01 Dec. 2015.

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