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Reliability is taking on new urgency

August 25, 2021

Maintenance conversations are evolving from enterprise asset management (EAM) to asset performance management (APM). Kevin Price, technical product evangelist and product strategist at Infor, shared his insights on this shift with Thomas Wilk from Plant Services, and how and why reliability is taking on new urgency in our current post-crisis moment. You can listen to the July podcast interview here.

Kevin talks about the several factors of reliability practices resurgence, the shift from information technology to operational technology, and what it means in making your assets last longer, looking at your failure analysis, doing different types of decay curves, doing things that are deep into the reliability mechanisms that Infor EAM continues to build upon.

With years of experience, Kevin has seen the evolution from CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) to asset conditions monitoring. Today, the conversation is evolving from enterprise asset management (EAM) to asset performance management (APM), which brings innovations around automation back into the equation — a lot of the condition monitoring, the Internet of Things, visualization on digital twins, and so much more.

Asset managers are looking for models they can tweak and adjust and virtually experiment with different scenarios such as: What happens if production is going to be X, or ridership is going to be Y, or the investment is going to be Z… The conversations are not happening just with the maintenance department and operations; they get into plant engineers, the CFO's office on the cost, the COO's ability to represent that schedule and meet it. And, of course, the CEO needs to have visibility into how the organization will float that out to 5, 7, 10, 25 years in a capital asset plan. They're wanting to see all that as a natural part of the EAM. They're not wanting to see that as a third-party integration, which is another reason for the evolution from EAM to APM. So a lot of those conversations are changing. The natural progression, EAM to APM, is happening all because of reliability.

Asset management programs need to really empower the people, and the people need to be able to adopt it in a big way. To understand it well, you have to walk a day in their shoes to know what to do, why, how, when, and where, which is why Infor invests heavily in usability. Enabling the success of the reliability program, you have to give the right tools at the right place at the right time to the right person and with the right data!

The technology is getting to a point where it's very flexible to be able to make all this a lot easier within a framework for how collaborations and how decisions work and allow feedback from every level of the organization.

With methods like asset reliability coming back into play, there is a lot of opportunities to really affect the world in a positive way.

Listen to the interview to learn more about why reliability is taking on new urgency.

To go deeper, download the latest special report from Plant Services: “Refresh your maintenance program.”

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