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A major new EAM release: APM, BIM, mobile and mapping enhancements, and more

December 19, 2019

Infor CloudSuite EAM’s newest release, version 11.5, gives users greater security and functionality both on-premises and in the cloud. CloudSuite EAM 11.5 delivers some new integration capabilities—like uploading the specific information you need from Infor Data Lake at intervals that make sense in your industry—and expands existing capabilities like mobile map use and OpenCAD visualization. The updates are all aimed at increasing your ability to assess, rank, and maintain assets of all sizes and types in alignment with your long-term business objectives.

Watch the recorded webinar on EAM v11.5’s new features

Integration with Infor Data Lake

The update enables an Infor Messaging Services-based integration to the Infor Data Lake, a cloud repository powered by Amazon Web Services. CloudSuite EAM 11.5 allows you to publish data collected through EAM and use it in visualisations to inform business decisions, capital investment planning, business analytics, artificial intelligence—whatever data-dependent business purpose you set. You choose the data fields and tables you need. You set the upload schedule. And you get to maximize the rich stores of data CloudSuite EAM helps you collect, use, and archive.

Clearer Picture of Asset Performance

CloudSuite EAM 11.5 updates enable everyone involved in asset maintenance and management—owners, inspectors, managers, engineers, field techs, investment strategists—to find out more about the criticality, condition, reliability, and performance of assets large and small. New asset performance management (APM) and asset investment planning (AIP) capabilities have been added. You can:

  • Decide what asset types you want to assess
  • Define an asset’s initial condition and set its end condition
  • Describe assets in greater detail
  • Use native, asset- and industry-specific decay curves
  • Set target service levels that let you track asset performance
  • Make data-driven decisions about when to repair, refurbish, retire, and replace

Enhanced Infrastructure and Facility Visualisations

CloudSuite EAM 11.5 introduces a new module with OpenCAD—Open CAD BIM—which allows virtual walkthroughs of 3D building models. This powerful, two-way integration enables EAM to consume BIM data and vice versa—transforming design, construction, and maintenance capabilities.

Greater Mobile Functionality

CloudSuite EAM 11.5 has added support for service codes, permit to work enhancements, and connected GIS maps (ESRI). The added functionality gives mobile technicians greater flexibility to efficiently maintain assets over a wider geographical range, even in areas where wifi connections are unreliable.

Developed in Partnership with Infor Customers

The solutions built into Infor CloudSuite EAM 11.5 were created in collaboration with customers, not only to solve in-the-field problems but to enable more precise capital investment planning based on reliable asset performance data. The new capabilities will help customers discover use cases that optimize the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

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