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Accelerating successful F&B product innovation with Product Lifecycle Management software

February 19, 2020 By Maarten Hagen

Food and beverage manufacturers need to take a fresh approach to how they do business.

Why? Consumer demand for greater product innovation and transparency, ever-increasing quality and compliance pressures, tighter profit margins, new channel opportunities, and a dynamic workforce are just some of the factors that are shifting market dynamics.

Here we look at those key topics that impact all people who are involved with creating and changing products.

From Sales & Marketing to Development, Technical, Specification, Regulatory, Production and Manufacturing how does your organisation innovate & collaborate today?

Project & Portfolio visibility is no longer just a management requirement, it drives the right behaviour and execution by all project team members. This visibility drives focus on successful projects and removes distractions. New & Existing Product Development can be speeded up through workflows and collaboration.

Ever had a recipe/ product not making it to market due to poor margin? Pre-production cost analysis, together with what-if simulation & optimisation provide modern approaches to ensure that products meet sales / marketing /nutritional briefs at the right cost.

In 2020 Food and Beverage Manufacturers continue to make mistakes with ingredient declaration / allergens & claims. All consumers deserve their products to be 100% correctly declared, in whichever country they are sold. Isn’t it time for you to fully embed compliance in your product development strategy?

When partners / customers (GS1) & consumers need to know detailed (technical) information about your products, time is of the essence. From collaboration with suppliers to end-product and specification, seamless data sharing, through integration removes the burden of re-entry and provides access at the right place and time.

Where do you start if you want to improve? Infor’s CloudSuite PLM for Process (Optiva) provides a solution to unify data and processes across the enterprise, utilize collaborative project management and provides improve formula optimization, develop and launch new products faster and ensure 100% global labelling compliance. The Infor PLM solution can be deployed quickly in the cloud.

Join our webinar on 13 May 2020 at 2pm with New Food Magazine to find out more.

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