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Asset Performance Management (APM) – now part of Infor CloudSuite EAM 11.5

December 26, 2019

Your portfolio of assets is as diverse as the mission-critical functions they perform every day. Making wise decisions about how to keep all your assets performing well across the lifespan—so you can meet the expectations of your customers and constituents and grow your enterprise for future demands—necessitates more than break-fix, preventive, and predictive maintenance.

Increasingly, asset-intensive industries are developing Asset Performance Management (APM) capabilities that give them a data-supported window on their assets and an objective-aligned asset investment strategy. Infor CloudSuite EAM 11.5 expands your ability to plan, manage, and optimise your entire asset portfolio to keep risks low and performance high.

Learn more about APM. Watch this recorded webinar.

APM key principle: Understanding criticality is essential

Infor CloudSuite EAM 11.5 starts with more space for detailed asset descriptions, so your inventory is more accurate than ever. This update also adds a criticality index that allows you to rank each asset in order to prioritize monitoring, maintenance, and spending on the assets that are vital to your mission. Keeping criticality in view means your asset strategy is aligned with your business objectives, with sustainability, and with regulatory compliance. That’s the heart of a strong APM strategy.

APM key principle: Tracking asset condition allows better risk assessment

Assets age. Deteriorating performance can cut into productivity and even lead to unexpected interruptions. Infor CloudSuite EAM 11.5 adds the ability to set an asset’s starting condition and define target levels of service so you know when to refurbish, repair and, if necessary, replace. This release enables you to use asset-specific decay curves to measure performance against what’s expected over time. Monitoring asset condition helps you ensure regulatory compliance and keep your risk within acceptable parameters.

APM key principle: Integrating data enables more reliable planning

Developing a sound Asset Performance Management strategy depends on rich, reliable data that can be reported, visualised, and consumed by all your stakeholders. Infor CloudSuite EAM 11.5 uses Infor Messaging to integrate with Data Lake, an Amazon Web Services-based cloud repository. Now, you can upload data from the fields you choose, at intervals you choose, so everyone from maintenance to engineering to capital investment can collaborate to make sure your assets keep performing at optimal service levels. With enhanced mobile capabilities (including more offline and mapping options), the data your team uploads will be more immediate and reliable than ever.

In asset-intensive industries both public and commercial, the human and capital resources required to keep the operation running are always limited. Infor CloudSuite EAM 11.5 can help you build an agile, data-driven APM strategy that optimises your organisation’s asset investment and positions you for long-term, sustainable growth.

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