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Event and Table Management Software - What Customer Success Looks Like

September 17, 2019

We’re always looking for ways to help our customers succeed. Before we can determine ways to improve, we first had to ask the question: what exactly is customer success and how can our event management and table management software products play a part in that? 

Here are some important points we’ve seen that are common to our customers that help us to frame the answer to that question, and to help guide the way we do our work.

Continuity and relationships

The ongoing efforts of an organization to continue delivering value and managing the relationship even after the initial sale of a product or service is essential.  That’s because success is a journey, and not a destination. For success to flourish, relationships between software provider and customers have to be continuous and characterized by flexibility and scalability, too. After all, nothing is static. The same principle goes for how we must measure customer success.

An important question to ask all the way along is “what can we do to help you succeed?” Here are the three most common answers we hear:

  • Understand our unique business needs and how we hope Infor software can help enhance our day-to-day work life
  • Provide our team with solid training to help us through the transition to new products and features
  • Deliver outstanding, ongoing support and care after implementation is complete

Customer satisfaction and fostering long-term loyalty through clear communications and understanding of customer business goals at every stage has to be the top priority. For that, consultation is key to understanding what customers are trying to achieve in the immediate present, and in the long-term. The effort to understand what the most important elements are that will affect the outcome is a useful starting point that will effectively inform the process at all stages. The best way to find focus is to maintain constant dialogue.

Continuous learning and improving

There is always room for improvement in any set of processes to see to customer success. Listening to customers, drawing on past success, and learning from setbacks are all a part of what building great relationships and better products is all about. That’s how we’ve built our business and we’re grateful to all of our loyal customers old and new.  

What defines success for you?

In your experience, what elements are essential in a process to ensure your success? What do you look for when engaging with prospective vendors that indicate a strong foundation for continued success?

We’d like to hear your thoughts. Contact us here, and let’s talk.

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