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Hotel Event Management and Catering - Guest Rooms Control for Hotels

September 23, 2019

Industry leaders are leaving the systems and process fragmentation of the past behind which has been a central characteristic in managing legacy systems used in the hotels industry. This is a necessary step to meeting evolving guest expectations.

The fact is, an attendee going to an event and their need to get a room overnight may have been treated as separate process using a legacy system. But for a guest, it’s all a part of one experience. The hotel that wins that business and delivers that superior guest experience is the one that will gain the most competitive traction by creating that single and seamless experience. Fostering cohesion and unity between tasks is vital to doing that.

When it comes to event management and guest room controls, what does that look like? How should a supportive technology platform and the solutions deliver that sense of seamlessness?

Creating cohesion between guest rooms and events

Hotels and resorts have unique needs when it comes to their catering software for group sales and event management. Similar to other event venues such as restaurants, clubs, wineries and convention centers, a hotel’s sales and catering software system needs to be able to help staff manage a number of vital operational tasks that include:

  • Control the meeting and function room schedule
  • Manage food and beverage menus
  • Coordinate setup arrangements and equipment inventory
  • Calculate financials and process payments
  • Generate documents such as proposals, contracts, banquet event orders (BEOs) and invoices
  • Create reminders for follow-up tasks and create reports for successful event execution and business analysis.

In addition, a hotel needs to be able to manage the guest rooms or sleeping rooms associated with an event. Many events that take place in a hotel not only require meeting or function space. They also require a certain number of guest rooms to be held for their attendees; the guest room block.  

Efficient guest room block processes

A group sales manager in a hotel needs to be able to quickly reference the inventory of guest rooms available for a block during a certain date range. They also need access to information to accurately quote and negotiate room rates for these rooms. Then they need to generate a contract with all of these event details for their customer. 

That’s where a Guest Rooms Control, also called a Group Rooms Control, module comes in.  A sales and catering software system with functionality to manage guest room blocks and that integrates into systems like HMS/PMS is essential for a group sales manager at a hotel or resort. It will include a comprehensive sales, catering and event management software system along with guest rooms control, and much more.

How do you manage events and guest room bookings?

The guest will view their experience as one whole piece, even if the system you have in place manages many disparate pieces to help deliver that experience. When it comes to the above, how is your organization managing these activities so that, to the guest, they feel like it’s one continuous and pleasant experience? If you’re not getting that uninterrupted workflow and experience operational fragmentation around events and room bookings, it may be time to take a closer look at how well your current platform is serving your business.

To learn more about the Infor Sales and Catering solution that integrates with HMS/PMS and a number of other applications in the cloud, take a look at the product page right here.

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