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Mobile technology and the hotel guest experience - 3 Benefits

November 4, 2019

As much as technology is changing the landscape of the hospitality industry, the goal of hotel organizations remains the same; create consistently great experiences for guests to keep them coming back. To do that, hotel organizations are creating technology platforms to support their guests’ preferred ways to interact with their properties and brands. That means supporting the use of mobile devices to check in and out, but also to serve as room keys, adjust in-room controls, manage communications with hotel teams, and more.

That kind of functionality offers a more friction-free experience in a few important ways. But that functionality is just a means to an end. When hotel brands invest in a technology platform that supports the use of mobile technology, what value do they add to the guest experience? Here are three benefits that hotels can deliver to bring the guest experience to the next level.

1. A sense of continuity

The use of mobile devices permeates nearly every aspect of life. From banking, to paying for groceries, to social media, to simple communications on the go, 3.7 billion people use mobile devices to manage daily tasks as a matter of course. Mobile technology and the role it plays in people’s lives impacts how they perceive any process in which they’re expected to participate. If guests manage processes on their devices outside of the hotel location, they should also be able to do so during their stay, too. To appeal to this sensibility, hotel locations must establish a sense of continuity by creating environments that are friendly to mobile use.

This is all about empowering guests as they interact with the brand without any bumps in the road, whether it’s making a payment, a service request, or just managing their lines of communication with the location before and during their stay. For hotels, this makes it more important than ever to develop and invest in a technology platform that supports these kinds of mobile-based interactions to serve present needs and also to help prepare for what’s likely to come in the future around self-directed mobile-centric services, too.

2. A sense of visibility

It goes without saying that good communication is the key to any healthy relationship, which is how leading hotel organizations approach serving guests. Mobile devices are a vital channel to achieving that. This is because of that sense of continuity touched on earlier; keeping everyone in the loop is important to any good process, especially when it includes the guest themselves. When a hotel location easily manages communications about room availability or other important updates via SMS to guest mobile devices from wherever that guest happens to be, that goes a long way in raising the quality of their experience.

The same goes for mobile-friendly processes for staff, too. When hotels manage internal processes with mobile in mind to make next steps more visible, it’s easier to get teams on the same page all at once. mobile-based functionality to areas of the business such as housekeeping connects each team member to a central hub to manage tasks that enhance the quality of service. This has a direct effect on how the guest experiences their stay.

3. A sense of control

When guests have a sense of continuity and are connected to communications that provide visibility, a third benefit emerges; greater control for the guest. This reflects a fundamental shift overall in the hospitality industry. At one time, guests had to fall in line with rigid processes that limited their control and resulted in line-ups, longer wait times, and expectations imposed on them by the hotel that sometimes ran contrary to comfort and convenience. Mobile technology has turned that around.

With a mobile-friendly PMS that provides web-based options for guests, the guest can take control of the process. With their mobile devices, guests can check in and out wherever they are, at their convenience. They can use their device as their room key and can manage their in-room controls, too. They can make payments. They can manage processes literally in the palms of their hand. This sense of control helps define the central mission of all hospitality organizations; guests are empowered to feel more at home.

How well prepared is your business?

Mobile technology and its role in people’s lives all over the world has fundamentally changed the way leading hospitality organizations serve guests. How well prepared is your business in the light of changing technology and cultural forces which certainly include supporting mobile technology?

For more details, we’ve created a resource that touches on this vital relationship between technology and culture, and how these forces are shaping the modern guest experience.

Get your copy here.

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