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Fransen Gerrits Increases Efficiency and Optimizes Business Processes with Industry-Specific ERP

Netherlands – December 02, 2019, 09:00 AM

Infor M3 acts as control center for Dutch animal feed producer

BARNEVELD, The Netherlands – Dec. 2, 2019 Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced that Fransen Gerrits, a Dutch animal feed producer, has completed a successful upgrade of Infor M3 to help automate processes and streamline efficiency.

Fransen Gerrits has been using the M3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution since 2007. One reason for the longevity is that M3 has continually expanded its capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the food and beverage industry and its customers. By upgrading M3, with the support of Infor Alfa-Beta, Fransen Gerrits will benefit from new ways to optimize business processes and increase efficiency.

Joris Teuwen, financial director at Fransen Gerrits, elaborates on the company’s commitment to Infor: “I keep up-to-date with suppliers like SAP and Microsoft to see what’s available in the market, but Infor M3 is the absolute winner for us thanks to the multi-country, multi-company, intra-company and multi-currency capabilities it provides, which I have not yet seen in other solutions. This is very important to us because we often deal with inter-company cashflows. In addition, the way the database is structured is better and makes it easy to facilitate any expansion abroad.”

Teuwen continues: “What also appeals to us is the importance of M3 within the Infor portfolio, the belief in the product, all the R&D efforts being made and the innovative and progressive nature of the company. During the Inforum event in New York, we got a good feel for the company, and we can see the commitment the company has made to M3. Our strategy is based on choosing best of breed and outsourcing main components. Therefore, we fully trust Infor Alfa-Beta for the complete management and maintenance of Infor M3. And, it works great. The sustainability of the solution is guaranteed, and everyone is able to do what they do best and their focus is on that.”

Infor M3 is the control center for Fransen Gerrits — recording the purchasing, production, sales and financial process — and surrounded by several third-party applications that either help save costs and/or improve productivity.

“Infor M3 solution is well-suited to the needs of companies like Fransen Gerrits,” says Frank Resink, Infor SVP of EMEA Services. “Our strategy is to constantly develop in vertical industry sectors, demonstrating Infor's capacity to meet specific needs and to adapt to the requirements of the sector and the customer, be it an on-site or a cloud deployment. One of the major factors that led Fransen Gerrits to select Infor was the multi-company capabilities. Additionally, Infor M3 is built with an open application programming interface (API), which delivers an infrastructure that is able to connect disparate components, allowing them to work together without customizations.”

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About Fransen Gerrits

Since it was founded in 1897, Fransen Gerrits has grown into a leading private feed specialist. The company is located in the southern part of the Netherlands and originated from the intensive collaboration of four family businesses, all with a long history. Fransen Gerrits produces feed for pig, cattle and rabbit farming, and it markets it under three brands. Fransen Gerrits is the brand for pig farming, Victoria Mengvoeders for cattle and rabbit farming and, Vikra for German pig and cattle farming. The company aims to provide maximum support to the agricultural entrepreneur in order to achieve optimal operational management and good returns.

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