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Miller Industries Enhances Towing Equipment Business with Infor

United States – September 24, 2019, 09:00 AM

Company will utilize comprehensive Infor cloud-based solution set to make faster business decisions and better manage its business processes

NEW YORK – Sept. 23, 2019 Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced that Miller Industries, Inc. (NYSE:MLR), a world leader in towing and recovery equipment, is rolling out a comprehensive, cloud-based solution set from Infor to make strategic business decisions faster and to better manage its business processes.

Currently, Miller Industries is using the Birst enterprise analytics platform to help business users answer their questions in a self-service manner and get a real-time view of operations, on any device, for better and faster decision making.

Miller Industries is migrating to a full Infor multi-tenant cloud environment in which it will utilize the Infor LN global ERP (enterprise resource planning) cloud solution, Infor CloudSuite™ Automotive, Infor CloudSuite™ Workforce Management (WFM), Infor OS (Operating Service), the Infor Data Lake, the Infor Coleman AI (artificial intelligence) Platform, and Birst analytics. This will enable the company to combine internal and external data sets, more precisely analyze and forecast workforce and business performance and, ultimately, better manage its business processes.

Miller Industries manufactures the bodies of wreckers and car carriers, which are installed on truck chassis manufactured by third parties. The company’s products are sold through independent distributors worldwide and through prime contractors to government entities.

Miller Industries saw an opportunity to leverage Infor’s technology stack to optimize the chassis integration process, as managing data associated with the chassis and the integration with its back-end products was very challenging. Coordinating the arrival of the chassis with the production schedule for the back-end products is critical so that expensive inventory does not sit idle.

Before deploying the Birst cloud analytics platform, the information needed to manage this process was locked in multiple systems and could only be accessed by technical experts. Decentralized analytic teams pulled data directly from source systems, generating islands of information that could not be shared. Further, executive-level reporting was manual, and it became time-consuming to reconcile inconsistent metrics.

Now, Miller Industries has begun to replace hundreds of spreadsheets with a handful of automated Birst dashboards, which make consistent, timely and accurate information available to all users and reduces the time needed to produce business reports by as much as 80 percent.

“With Birst, we can access and analyze a vast history of information for answers we need for any business question in an instant, through any device,” said William G. Miller II, president and co-CEO of Miller Industries. “Prior to this, it was difficult to make business decisions as quickly because we had to data mine the information. Once we got the information, employees would have to download and analyze reports. Investing in Birst gives us the most flexible and reliable solution for every business problem we have.”

Going forward, Miller Industries will consolidate its data strategy by bringing its internal and external data into the Infor Data Lake. The company will utilize the Infor Coleman AI Platform to mine this data and leverage Coleman’s powerful machine learning to anticipate future demand in its chassis program. Coleman findings then can be shown in Birst’s automated dashboards, providing the company with a real-time picture of its current and anticipated demand.

The Infor solution set will address a variety of functional areas and levels of the business, including:

The C-Suite. Financial analysis that provides a consistent view of operations.

Sales. Real-time visibility into customer balances, inventory and back-orders.

Operations. Real-time visibility into supply chain operations to minimize delays and inefficiencies.

Marketing. Consumer identification for targeted programs and marketing campaigns.

Rod Johnson, general manager, Americas, Infor, said, “We know that Miller Industries’ business depends on getting both the chassis and back-end towing equipment to its customers in a timely fashion. Infor is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that provides new and innovative ways to improve its complicated business processes, from start to finish.”

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About Miller Industries
Miller Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of towing and recovery equipment®. It markets its towing and recovery equipment under a number of well-recognized brands, including Century®, Vulcan®, Chevron™, Holmes®, Challenger®, Champion®, Jige™, Boniface™, Titan® and Eagle®. For more information, visit

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