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Networked Order Management

Distributed order management software on the world’s largest supply chain network

Global view across the supply chain

Infor Networked Order Management is a cloud-native distributed retail order management software that powers complex order orchestration, networked global retail supply chains, enterprise inventory visibility, fulfillment and replenishment, and customer service capabilities for today's always-on, everywhere consumer.

With a single view of inventory across the entire retail supply chain, INOM delivers one version of the truth about your available-to-promise inventory, and recommends the best, most efficient way to fulfill and deliver that inventory to customers.


  • Single source of enterprise inventory availability and risk analysis
  • In-store ordering and fulfillment
  • Pricing and promotion management
  • Mixed delivery options
  • Order splitting and escalation
  • Omni-channel payment management
  • Returns management

Features & Benefits

Optimize fulfillment

Solve the "free" shipping conundrum with real-time visibility of available-to-promise inventory across stores, warehouses, and distribution centers for supply chain efficiency that will surprise and delight your customers.

Connecting every commerce channel

Infor Networked Order Management's API-based architecture connects every commerce channel and touchpoint across the retail supply chain, for real-time data in a single, common view.

Seamless, efficient orders

When your merchandising, warehouse management, CRM, loyalty programs, POS, payments, and e-commerce platforms are connected with INOM, catering to every customer's personal supply chain is simpler and more cost-effective than ever.

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