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Delivering an advanced, integrated, cloud-based platform for the evolution of hospitality

A dynamic platform to propel great guest experiences

The hospitality industry is all about the experience. But as times change, culture shifts, and new technology emerges to meet new ways to measure what a great experience really is and can be, hospitality organisations have to rise to the occasion. Infor helps hotels and brands to do that, with decades of experience in knowing what the challenges are, and with the expertise to provide an end-to-end platform that is designed to scale as the present rapidly becomes the future.

Infor provides an integrated and dynamic platform for hotels, restaurants, and gaming organisations to efficiently and intelligently empower teams to meet the modern guest where they are. We’ve designed a suite of products that integrate with each other and with third party applications to remove friction, increase operational efficiency, and give operators greater visibility when it comes to key business data to continually please guests, build brands, and to create the future of the industry every day as you and your teams achieve your goals.

Efficient, intelligent, agile

Infuse your organisation with greater capabilities by leveraging solutions specifically designed for hospitality

Superior guest experiences

Empower and satisfy guests at every stage of their experience with mobile-friendly and guest-driven features and functions

Cloud-native architecture

Unite operations and bring locations, concepts, and brands together via a dependable Infor + Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform

Integrated and data-driven

Create a single source of truth with robust and integrated data management, analytics, and reporting across systems

User-friendly systems

Quickly enable your teams at all levels to optimise their efforts and enhance their ablity to do their best work every day

Infor Hospitality Management System (HMS)
Screenshot of Infor Hospitality Management System (HMS) for mobile check in

Infor Hospitality Management System (HMS)

A robust, integrated, and scalable hotel PMS for hotels and resorts

  • Centralised guest profile management via brand wide CRM to better enable personalisation across locations and brands
  • Mobile-enabled check in and check out, guest services, housekeeping, and more
  • Customisable fields and screens by user type to enable teams greater service and strategy precision
  • Integration-ready with 350+ third party applications to remove friction
  • Applicable to hotels and resorts of a range of sizes, from global chains to a single-location boutique

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Infor EzRMS Revenue Management for Hotels
A collage of screenshots featuring Infor EzRMS Revenue Management for Hotels

Infor EzRMS Revenue Management for Hotels

An advanced forecasting and strategy solution for a new era in hospitality

  • Science-based not rules-based algorithms to identify current market patterns and inform meaningful actions
  • Data-driven with powerful BI and integrated to align all channels to benefit total revenue
  • Inclusive and optimised for entire brand offering: guest rooms, group sales, function spaces, long-term stay, and more
  • Driving revenue and profit to a range of properties; hotels, resorts, events spaces and casinos
  • Supported 24/7 by Infor Concierge to answer questions, provide resources, and help to resolve issues

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Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer (HPO)
Screenshot of Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer (HPO). an always-on pricing solution for hotels.

Infor Hospitality Price Optimizer (HPO)

An intelligent, automated, and always-on pricing solution for hotels

  • Algorithm-driven to automate current and competitive pricing at the right times and in the right channels, 24/7/365
  • Insightful options for running pricing scenarios to test outcomes before publishing
  • Glass-box functionality to allow users visibility into automated pricing decisions
  • Designed to integrate with hotel PMS, CRS, and channel managers to create consistent, optimised pricing in real time, simultaneously
  • Immediate out-of-the-box value with implementation in days, not months

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Infor Sales and Catering System (SCS)
Screenshot of Infor Sales and Catering System (SCS)  for hotel, restaurant, leisure, and casinos.

Infor Sales and Catering System (SCS)

A comprehensive events management platform for hotel, restaurant, leisure, and venue locations

  • End-to-end planning and management platform that incorporates the full event lifecycle from inquiry to invoice
  • Precise resource costing, scheduling, and auditing to stay within budget and deliver efficient services on schedule
  • Applicable to a range of events from family events to industry conferences
  • Automated prompts to enable greater precision and efficiency
  • Integrated with essential systems to enhance communications and build relationships

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Infor Table and Reservations Solution (TRS)
Restaurant manager in an apron uses Infor Table and Reservations Solution (TRS) on a tablet.

Infor Table and Reservations Solution (TRS)

A versatile and precise table and asset management solution for restaurants, hotel amenities, venues, and leisure locations

  • Highly adaptable and customisable solution for a range of asset and amenities reservations: tables, sports courts, leisure equipment, spa, gym, and more
  • Visual and timeline-based solution designed for ease of use and precision to reduce overlaps and double-bookings for a range of party sizes
  • Automated to adapt to all kinds of guest traffic and behaviours as needed; advance reservations, walk-ins, no-shows, overstays, and more to maximise turns
  • Accurate wait time management, helping staff to provide realistic information to guests, while also tracking turn rates, bus-to-clear, and other essential information
  • Precise floor plan-based functionality that staff can manage in real time via tablet devices

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Infor POS Restaurant Point of Sale (coming soon!)
Screenshot of Infor POS Restaurant Point of Sale for terminals, kiosks, and dual mode terminals.

Infor POS Restaurant Point of Sale (coming soon!)

A powerful point of sale solution for restaurants and managed food services

  • Centralised menu management capabilities to serve QSRs, FSRs, hotel restaurants, and multiple managed food services concepts
  • Designed for a range of hardware options: traditional terminals, kiosks, dual mode terminals
  • PCI-compliant and secure to protect organisation and guest transactional data
  • Flexible OrderNow mobile ordering functionality and compatible with third-party ordering applications
  • Integrated with rewards and meal plan providers for seamless user experiences

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Infor OS

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