Infor OS CE: Feature Rollout for August 2022

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August 15, 2022By Brikken Jensen

Infor OS

This month marks the following new feature rollout to users of the Infor OS Cloud Edition (CE).

Enterprise UX

  • Coleman Digital Assistant (DA) Table Support: Infor Go now supports Coleman DA tables containing up to 50 rows of data. The expanded support provides an improved user experience for displaying larger data sets and opportunities to build new skills that leverage the capability.
Deployed skills
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  • Coleman Digital Assistant (DA) Text Markdown: The Coleman DA now contains the text markdown capabilities supported by Infor Go including headers, bold, italic, strikethrough, bolded italic, and links. This capability provides a richer experience and improved user experience.
  • Flag Multi-value Attributes as Required: Documentation Management now brings the same capability of regular attributes to multi-value attributes, allowing for greater level of data fidelity as well as consistency in the user experience.
Flag Multi-value Attributes
Flag Value Set
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  • Job Management Pagination: Documentation Management now includes pagination for every 10 results added to Job Management which improves the user experience of navigating through jobs.
Job Management Pagination
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  • View Personal Info: Concierge now allows users to view their personal information within their profile including fields such as name, title, phone, email, and community display name. This provides a singular place to view/update their personal information directly within Concierge.
View Personal Info
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  • View Communications and Display Settings: Users will now be able to view settings for communications and displays, incidents, and news within Concierge. This provides users with a singular place to view/update preferences.
View Communications and Display Settings
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  • Subscribed View: Concierge now allows users to filter enhancements by those which they have subscribed to, providing a streamlined way to view key enhancements of interest to any particular user.
Subscribed View
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  • To Be Archived View: Users will now be able to filter enhancements which have a state of "to be archived" on the enhancements page in Concierge allowing quick review of enhancements that are scheduled to be archived.
To Be Archived View
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Coleman Digital Assistant

  • Missed utterance reply improvement: The response message from Coleman to unrecognized user utterance has been updated
Coleman Digital Assistant
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  • Coleman Greeting Text Improvement: Coleman greetings message contains only  useful information such as ways of interaction with it and where to find the list of available utterances.  User is greeted with the new message upon opening Coleman chat window in Mingle portal  for the first time
Coleman Greeting Text Improvement
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Intelligent Open Network

  • SMTP domain verification: Domain verification feature is available with 2022.08 version. Only verified domains are accepted as “from email” address, configured through ION-Desk > ION Service and email template. This feature provide more control and security in sending emails from ION.
SMTP domain verification
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  • AnySQL- Rewind Incremental: Users can now reset or rewind incremental key value in AnySQL. Thus re-extract the data that is already been published. Also, incremental key current value is displayed on UI. User can access ‘Rewind Incremental Key Values’ screen by selecting DB connection point in Active connection point list.
AnySQL- Rewind Incremental
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API Gateway

  • On Demand Refresh Tokens for Backend Service: Refresh Tokens for new authorized app of type 'Backend Service' are now issued on demand. The option to issue refresh token while creating a new backend service app is disabled. It can be enabled if the client application wishes to make use of this feature. The change applies only for new apps created henceforth.
On Demand Refresh Tokens for Backend Service
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Data Fabric

  • Relationship & Publishing Improvements: Minor usability improvements have been added to the Metagraph's Publish and Relationship Definition workflows to improve speed and visibility into designing Metagraph's. The wizard workflow buttons have been anchored to the bottom panel and now groups and promotes visibility indicator properties for faster selection.
Relationship & Publishing Improvements
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  • Improved Incremental Processing: The Infor ETL tool's QueryAll function now utilizes dl_document_index_date as a means of incremental data processing. This ensures the ETL tool never misses late or delayed objects when identifying new data to process. It minimizes customer reconciliation concerns and monitoring.
Improved Incremental Processing
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  • Retry Logic: The Infor ETL tool now features robust retry logic when encountering failures and errors in the API Gateway or when calling Data Lake and Data Catalog APIs. This update improves resiliency of the ETL job processing and reduces manual remediation and re-syncing of data warehouse tables. Back-off logic spaces retries over a period of time to increase likelihood of success.
Retry Logic
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A similar set of features will be available in the next on-premise release of Infor OS. A full list of new features, bugs fixed, and other documentation can be found on the Infor Support Portal.  Learn more about Infor OS here or contact us anytime.

Don't see a feature you want?  Log into the Infor Support Portal and click on Resources > Enhancement Requests.  You can enter your own and vote for others.

For more information on product updates, please see the release training that is available to customers on Infor Campus.

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