Foundation Team

Foundation Team

A fast track program for rising tech stars

We get inspired by the introduction of driverless vehicles, smart homes, cashier-free supermarkets, and other groundbreaking changes in technology. We embrace innovation and desire to work with businesses as they use new tech to become more strategic. We are Infor’s Solution Consulting Foundation team.

Created in 2016, our 18-months program has hubs in New York City and in Barcelona. We teach recent college graduates and early-career professionals the fundamentals of Infor solutions, industries, and software sales. Our team members have a deep curiosity about the intersection of technology and business, exceptional presentation and writing skills, and a desire to help organizations digitally transform their operations.


What is Solution Consulting?

Quite simply, it’s the best job in tech you’ve never heard of before. Our mission is to connect an organization’s pain points and business processes to Infor solutions that can solve them. We deliver value-based software demonstrations to prove their value. A career in solution consulting is exciting and rewarding and can lead to roles in implementation consulting, value engineering, solution architecture, industry strategy, or product management.

Foundation Team members complete an 18-month immersive program. Program graduates become field-facing Solution Consultants across our portfolio of industries and solutions. In this program, you learn about software sales cycles, how to create tailored RFP (Request for Proposal) responses, how to conduct successful customer discoveries, and how to create exceptional customer demonstrations.

Program focus

  • Business fundamentals

    Business fundamentals

    During this program, we learn how to effectively communicate in the business world, how to write for a technical and business audience, and how to communicate to advance our ideas and solutions. Our team members contribute to sales pursuits early in the program and are given more responsibility as their learning progresses.

  • Industry knowledge

    Industry knowledge

    We learn what matters to Infor customers in the industries we serve. By participating in onsite meetings and facility tours, we get to see first-hand the business challenges being faced by our clients and prospects. We study industry trends and develop our credentials as experts in our respective selected industries.

  • Certification


    Our program is structured and contains 6 certification levels, all of which are designed to be completed within 18 months. Our team members are set up for success and upon graduation make an immediate contribution to customer-facing activities at Infor.

  • Networking


    Foundation teams work in our beautiful and award-winning corporate headquarters in New York City and our office in the exciting city center of Barcelona, Spain. We are highly visible in these offices, with access to senior leadership as well as support for hosting visitors and prospects. We get to meet fellow Inforians from around the world, in person and via virtual meeting rooms.

  • Presentation


    Presentation skills are key to a successful career in solutions consulting. Our team members present on a weekly basis both in person and remotely, practicing what they learn, receiving immediate feedback, and continuously working to improve. Our graduates have been recognized as some of the best presenters in the organization.

  • Digital transformation

    Digital transformation

    We gain unique insights about how cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and other new technologies are being applied to help companies transform business processes—and we showcase this as we lead tours of the Infor Retail Garage, incorporating the value of technological innovation into our presentations.

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Team showcase

Since the inception of the Foundation program, graduates have transferred to Infor sales teams as revenue-generating solution consultants. These Foundation graduates are a key link for current team members, providing insight and peer coaching for the continual evolution of the team’s development and our program’s.

Demonstrating digital transformation

All team members are trained to present Infor digital solutions in the H&L Garage.

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Live and remote demonstrations

Delivering a live demo from Barcelona to a prospect in Germany.

Community service

The team participates in various community service opportunities through partners like Habitat for Humanity.

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We are one cohesive team and always help each other.

Our US alumni

Our North American graduates bring fresh ideas and talent to Infor’s sales teams on everything from healthcare and public sector to manufacturing for food and beverage, automotive, the fashion industry and more.

Our European alumni

Our European graduates are traveling throughout the continent selling Infor solutions for talent management, customer experience, industrial manufacturing, analytics, supply chain networks, and more.

Join us in New York!

We would love to see YOU on our team. We work in Infor’s beautifully renovated global headquarters in the heart of New York City’s Silicon Alley.

¡Únete a nosotros en Barcelona!

Located on the premier shopping street of Passeig de Gràcia, in view of Gaudi's famous Casa Batlló, our Barcelona center is one of our largest European offices-home to 250 Infor employees. We would love to see YOU on our team.


The Foundation team has historically hired 10-15 people a year. Look for open positions on our Infor careers site or via LinkedIn. Opportunities are updated on a regular basis, so please check back often. Search for “Associate Solution Consultant” to more easily find our openings.

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