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What it does

The global automotive industry is experiencing accelerated growth following several difficult years. With vehicle sales increasing, especially in the US and in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries, pressures on tier suppliers are mounting. To meet this accelerating demand, you need to be able to introduce new, higher-value-added products faster, and reach and manage new markets quicker.

Infor Automotive for Tier Suppliers can ensure that your engineering, product-development and production capabilities are flexible enough to keep up with ever-increasing product demands and shorter product lifecycles. New product introduction and program management will become easier and you’ll have clear visibility into your total cost of programs to maximize profitability. You’ll be able to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing processes to launch new programs flawlessly and meet OEM PPAP and APQP requirements, while controlling costs. Infor’s Automotive suite includes features that help manage the introduction and integration of high-tech components into the automotive engineering and manufacturing processes—a particular concern for tier suppliers, as product complexity increases.

What it is

Infor Automotive for tier suppliers is a complete, end-to-end solution that can help you efficiently meet industry standards, reduce engineering time and costs, minimize the cost of quality, increase inventory turns, improve supply chain management, boost productivity and maximize profitability.

Our integrated suite addresses your most critical business processes, including those highlighted here:

  • Engineering design management
  • Product information management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) with pre-built, OEM trading partner transactions
  • Engineering change management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Sales and operations planning
  • Repetitive, high-volume production
  • Paperless, KanBan, and just-in-time (JIT) production
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Quality management
  • In-sequence manufacturing and shipping
  • OEM required labeling and shipping
  • Returnable containers management
  • Financial management
  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Warranty management

What it means

With Infor Automotive for tier suppliers, you’ll be able to improve customer satisfaction; strengthen relationships up, down, and across your supply chain; and better position your company to expand into new markets and programs. You’ll be able to develop new products faster and get them to market quicker. You’ll have the tools to respond more quickly to customer requests and improve customer satisfaction—which can lead to improved top-line revenue and growth.

Infor Automotive for tier suppliers can help you:

  • Bring new and higher value-added products to market faster.
  • Respond faster to changes in customer demand.
  • Increase the success of program launches.
  • Meet OEM requirements more easily.
  • Increase accuracy, timeliness, and customer satisfaction.
  • Better manage supply chain risks.

Infor Automotive for Tier Suppliers

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