Building materials (BMAT) distribution software

What if you could make your high-volume purchasing processes simpler? What if you could reduce bottlenecks in your transaction environment? What if you could save money and improve revenues by reducing inventory and streamlining performance across your business?

You can with electrical distribution software that helps you:

  • Respond more quickly to changing customer demands.
  • Quickly procure and efficiently manage jobs—from bid to completion.
  • Optimize your inventory by understanding the industry's unique attributes.
  • Effectively manage non-stock and special-order items.

You'll improve margins and boost customer satisfaction in today's competitive environment, strengthen collaboration in your high-volume supply chain, automate your business, and achieve tangible benefits all the way down to the bottom line.

Our electrical distribution software solutions include:

Enterprise Resource Planning—See what's happening in every corner of your business and make smarter decisions.

Infor Supply Chain Execution—Transform processes inside the warehouse and across the supply chain to meet demands for new efficiencies and new value-added services.

Enterprise Performance Management—See your data clearly, shape it, control it, and share it.

More than 500 electrical distributors—nearly half of the top 100—rely on our solutions to gain competitive differentiation in the marketplace.


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