Boost productivity, increase margins, and improve health and safety.

What it is

The mining industry faces a number of serious challenges that can threaten current operations and future projects. Continuous commodity price fluctuations, skills shortages, and escalating costs as well as political volatility and extreme weather and environmental conditions create a daunting market landscape. With mineral sales revenue flat or declining, the need to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs becomes critical.

Infor EAM can manage the entire lifecycle of assets, enabling a detailed view that highlights opportunities to boost the uptime of equipment, extend its life, and reduce costs.  

    What it does

    Infor EAM is a highly configurable asset management solution that uncovers opportunities for greater efficiency in your mining operation:

    • Manages preventative maintenance
    • Supports warranty administration
    • Extends asset life and decreases capital expenditures
    • Enhances safety through lockout/tag out processes
    • Enables visibility that provides leverage with suppliers
    • Identifies sources of wasted energy, reducing energy consumption

    What it means

    Your competitive advantage starts by partnering with a technology company that understands your business. Infor has 25 years of experience helping mining companies develop safe, compliant, and cost-effective operations.

    With Infor EAM, you will:

    • Improve profitability by decreasing operating costs
    • Establish the right infrastructure
    • Leverage the latest technology
    • Boost margins
    • Enhance safety
    • Provide some much needed stability in a volatile industry

    Infor EAM v11 demo

    See Infor EAM's powerful, intuitive asset management capabilities in action.

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