Infor EAM for Oil and Gas

Infor EAM for Oil and Gas

Make advanced asset management and maintenance your competitive advantage

Increase revenue efficiency

Today’s post-peak oil era exposes oil and gas companies like yours to an unprecedented level of risk and volatility. Even in the roller-coaster economics of the energy industry, the current business climate challenges every firm’s ability to survive and grow. Increased worldwide demand for oil and gas products—along with lower prices and constricted margins—is generating a growing need to extract the most value from the assets you already own. It’s also available as a cloud subscription, which converts asset management from a capital expense to an operating cost. With the help of Infor EAM for Oil and Gas, you’ll reduce risk, optimize performance, and increase revenue efficiency, while empowering the digital transformation of your workforce.


Exploration and production

Petroleum exploration and production companies can do more with less thanks to the industry specific capabilities of Infor EAM for Oil and Gas. This powerful solution can help you make the most efficient use of drilling time and lengthen the lifecycles of your critical E&P systems and equipment. Upstream oil and gas companies can:

  • Manage both usage-based maintenance and condition-based maintenance
  • Ensure reliability
  • Increase revenue efficiency
  • Reduce risk



Pipelines and terminals

Infor EAM for Oil and Gas helps midstream companies optimize their performance while maintaining the highest levels of reliability, safety, and compliance with standards. It offers unparalleled linear asset management features, including available GIS and advanced reporting for pipelines. The predictive analytics capabilities in Infor EAM for Oil and Gas enable you to make sense of all the data you are collecting, and improve the way you manage critical assets, including:

  • Terminals
  • Transfer facilities
  • Rails
  • Rolling stock



Refining and petrochemicals

In this fundamentally margin-based business, Infor EAM can help oil and gas companies maximize throughput and improve maintenance to generate greater return on assets. When you're getting peak performance from your assets, you can adjust quickly to volatile crude prices and maintain a healthy crack spread thanks to the sophisticated analytics and reporting you get with Infor EAM for Oil and Gas. You'll gain the ability to:

  • Safely manage assets across multiple organizations
  • Handle changing reporting structures with ease
  • Monitor, analyze, and report asset conditions in real time



Oilfield service companies

Infor EAM for Oil and Gas gives you the flexibility to handle the unpredictability of today’s oilfield service business with reactive, preventive, predictive, and condition-based maintenance capabilities. It puts work management, inspection management, and data capture capabilities directly into the hands of your field workers using mobile devices. Infor EAM helps oilfield service companies:

  • Prevent disruptions
  • Analyze performance
  • Monitor the condition of assets
  • Detect and prevent potential problems


Trust proven asset management software for oil and gas

Winner of the coveted Plant Engineering Product of the Year award, Infor EAM is a globally trusted, best-of-breed enterprise asset management software solution. Proven through decades of use by thousands of customers, Infor EAM helps many of the world’s largest organizations gain powerful benefits, including:

Asset performance and reliability

Get the best possible return from compressors, valves, pumps, and motors. Infor EAM features unmatched linear asset management features to help keep pipelines, oil platforms, and wells operating at peak performance.


Prevent disruptive asset failures and detect early warning signs of potential compliance-related incidents with Infor EAM’s ability to monitor, analyze, and report asset conditions.

Revenue efficiency

Improve data integrity, maximize productivity, and drive more accurate and timely decisions.

IoT and automation

Proactively drive action based on predefined rules by collecting and analyzing real-time information from remote sensors.


Ensure compliance with environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) requirements by automatically determining appropriate actions and monitoring the development of potential incidents over time.


Manage all your assets from one system and use them more effectively.

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Customer stories

Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer

“Infor EAM helps our company comply with federal regulations by ensuring qualified personnel are performing our maintenance tasks at the proper intervals. The program is so flexible that we can easily configure it to comply with specific regulations and personalize it for users.”

Trevor D. Davidson
EAM Operations Support Manager
Energy Transfer


Technip Ships

"If positive energy and dedication could fuel a vessel, then the Infor EAM project is generating enough to run our entire fleet."

David Watt
Project Manager


Infor EAM Oil & Gas edition

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