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Infor Equipment Dealers, Rental & Service

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As an equipment dealer, rental company, or service provider in the construction, mining, agriculture, industrial, or transportation industries, you're handling some of the world's heaviest, most complex equipment. The demands placed on your equipment are almost as heavy as the market and customer demands on your business. To keep up, you need tools for continuous control and visibility into every piece of equipment you sell, rent, or service.

  • Specialized

    Manage the entire equipment lifecyclefrom initial forecasting and sale of the equipment, through to shipment, renting, servicing, overhaul, and final disposalwith industry-specific functionality built in.

  • Complete visibility

    Complete visibility
    With one integrated system, you'll have the visibility you need to run your business more profitably.

  • Beautiful

    Get an intuitive user experience that can be personalized to fit the varied needs of your employee.

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Specialized by industry/microverticals

Equipment dealers

To be a successful equipment dealer, you need to know your customers' equipment better than they do. It's the only way you can deliver market-leading after-sales service and continuous customer care, whether you are a global firm or a smaller, more tightly focused one. But that's not all—you also need to deliver on your commitments more quickly and accurately than your competition.

Let us help you:

  • Bring disparate information together in one place in an intuitive, user-friendly way.
  • Enhance your strategic value to your customers, OEMs, and suppliers.
  • Use social and mobile applications to transform the way you work.
  • Drive equipment profitability for you and your customers.

Equipment rental companies

Rental companies need more than just rental functionality to be successful over the long term. You must also effectively manage other key areas of your business, from warranty and claims to supply chain planning, customer service, and finance. Infor's solutions deliver flexibility and advanced technology that offer a superior user experience designed to both enhance productivity and your ability to grow your business.

Our solution can help you:

  • Manage different types of rental, discount structures, maintenance, and repair scenarios.
  • Offer your customers alternative or up-rent equipment when necessary.
  • Bring disparate information together in one place in an intuitive, user-friendly way.
  • Ensure better availability, utilization, and reliability of your equipment.

Equipment service providers

To be able to provide excellent equipment service, you need to provide the fastest possible turnaround response to ensure maximum uptime for the equipment your customers depend on. Infor provides the support you need to manage the entire service lifecycle. You'll have the tools you need to accurately predict future service demand, while capturing real-time equipment data including brand, serial numbers, machine type, end of life, warranty, and service information.

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Key features include:

  • A complete 360° view of your customers and their equipment, including service level agreement management, complete equipment history, warranty recording, project management, and financials.
  • Social and mobile applications that connect field service technicians with accurate, real-time information.
  • The ability to bring disparate information together in one place in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

A comprehensive software system for the equipment rental industry

Modernize your business with Infor CloudSuite Equipment Rental. This ready-to-run solution offers deep, proven capabilities in key areas such as rental quotations, contracts, service, purchasing, logistics, financials, and support for complex pricing and discounts, as well as an equipment-specific customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Even better, the solution is delivered in the cloud—which means you get cost savings, built-in support, efficient expansion capabilities, and security that follows industry-leading best practice protocols.

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Explore more equipment dealers, rental and service solutions

Infor M3 Equipment provides the support you need to manage the entire equipment lifecycle—from initial forecasting and sale of the equipment, through to shipment, renting, servicing, overhaul, and final disposal. It can help you predict future parts and service demand, while capturing accurate equipment data, including brand, serial numbers, machine type, end of life, warranty, service, and sales data. With one integrated system, you'll have the visibility you need to run your business more profitably.


  • Comprehensive, equipment-specific, centralized ERP system
  • Built for medium to large companies including those that need multi-company, multi-country, multi-site, and multi-currency capabilities
  • Support for 18 languages and country-specific functionality for 43 countries
  • Built-in flexibility to allow you to configure the solution for your unique business processes

Infor Service Management helps service-centered industries deliver better equipment service, resolve problems faster, and manage the entire service process more efficiently. It provides deep domain capabilities for handling the intricacies of service lifecycle managementplus the full support of a company-wide business solution. One integrated system means you'll have greater efficiency, speed, and access to critical information from every corner of your business.


  • Familiar Microsoft tools and navigation
  • At-a-glance analytics and KPIs
  • Flexiblility and scalability to meet changing needs
  • Standard integration to

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Infor d/EPM collects real-time data from your source applications and translates it into business insights delivered through a fully integrated solution suite with a common user interface. Every time you make a change, from modifying an order to changing an inventory status, information is updated automatically. You get a real-time, single version of the truth from a suite that is pre-built to take advantage of innovative technologies like mobility, Big Data, and in-memory computing.


  • A single source of the truth
  • Mobile connectivity, beautiful design
  • Forecasting on the fly
  • Real-time decision-making

Customer stories

Bangla CAT

Bangla CAT

Infor Equipment helped Bangla CAT improve visibility into critical business information, operate customer service more efficiently, and streamline information from its sales, service, warranty, finance, and rental departments.


Elite Electronic Engineering Inc

With Infor Service Management, Elite Electronic Engineering Inc. was better able to manage testing schedules for laboratory personnel and equipment, plan projects, track labor and equipment use, and meet rigorous calibration and recall requirements.

Saudi Diesel Equipment

Saudi Diesel Equipment Company Ltd.

With Infor M3, Saudi Diesel increased productivity, provided critical support for achieving ISO9001 certification, replaced manual reports, improved delivery reliability and customer service levels, and created a paperless work environment.



Fraikin, the European leader in truck and van rental, needed an IT transformation to unify processes at its 200 branches. It chose Infor M3 for its equipment-centric expertise and analytics that opened up data visibility.

Wagner Equipment Co

Wagner Equipment Co.

Wagner Equipment Co. selected Infor M3 Equipment and Infor Implementation Accelerator for Equipment Rental to help streamline business processes across its heavy and power rental fleets.



Aggreko provides temporary power generation worldwidea true logistical challenge. It chose Infor M3 for operational consistency and global visibility in an integrated ERP system. Aggreko's CIO says Infor M3 is "a world-leading service and rental ERP system … demonstrable and successful."

Explore topics in Equipment dealers, rental and service

Equipment dealers and rental providers are seeing disruption to their business models, along with growing customer expectations—all as a direct result of the digital transformation of the equipment industry. Tech-savvy companies with a drive for modernization are setting new benchmarks and redefining best practices when they embrace digital transformation. And these companies know that it all begins with the customer. Equipment dealers and rental companies need to take a hard look at what their customers expect from them now, as well as in the near future.

Keeping your business focused on your customers is a top concern. To successfully improve on your customer service goals, you need to ensure that your business systems are aligned with your business strategies. This means making sure your staff has access to the right tools to get their jobs done efficiently.

Technology can be friend or foe. ERP systems that were implemented years (and often decades) ago can no longer support the heavy demands of the equipment industry. Keeping current isn't just smart—it's profitable. From cloud computing and collaborative technologies to mobility and analytics, technology holds the key to competitive advantage and growth.

Like all global economies, the equipment industry has been going through a tough time. You may find, however, that this is the perfect time to take a good look at your business and see exactly where and how you can improve. By identifying targeted areas that need improvement, you can make the decisive moves to help set your company up for success going forward.