Industrial machinery & equipment manufacturing software

Industrial machinery & equipment manufacturing software

Solutions for IM&E manufacturers of any size or complexity

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Effectively manage complex value chains, fast-paced program launches, and MRO service operations with Infor® solutions for industrial machinery and equipment (IM&E) manufacturers.

  • Manage complex supply chain processes.
  • Gain control over engineering change management.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and customer demands.
  • Design and build more innovative products.
  • Streamline new product design, innovation, and introduction.
  • Shorten cycle times.
  • Improve service management and create new business opportunities.
  • Take advantage of support for multiple manufacturing modes, including ATO, MTO, CTO, ETO, MTS, and JIT.
  • Vantage Power chose CloudSuite Industrial for its ability to integrate parts ordering, supply management, customer management, finance, and more.

  • CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine®) gave Gloucester Engineering the scalability to support future growth without forcing them to increase IT and administrative costs.

  • DAB pumps was able to significantly reduce fulfillment time, speed up invoice approval, and pay supplies faster with Infor solutions.

  • Ellwood Group uses CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) across all of its autonomous business units, and uses it to help consolidate financials at the corporate level.

  • VISUAL helped Cincinnati Sub-Zero increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

IM&E solutions delivered in the cloud or on premise


Meet CloudSuite Industrial Machinery

Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Machinery can do everything from handling complex value chains and fast-paced program launches to shortening cycle times and managing MRO service operations easily. With this end-to-end solution suite, you get advanced functionality backed by decades of practical application and relied upon by over 5,500 customers worldwide—plus all the convenience, flexibility, and cost savings of cloud deployment.


Explore more IM&E solutions

When you use complex processes and high-cost components to make sophisticated products, you need a manufacturing ERP solution that can keep up. With Infor LN, you can tame complexity and meet extraordinary demands using IM&E best practices right out of the box.

Small- and mid-sized IM&E companies need end-to-end integration that provides project status visibility each step of the way, along with stringent cost accounting. Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine®) delivers these specific capabilities in a robust, integrated, affordable system for managing program and contract demands.

Infor EAM is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market. It gives you the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives.

With Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management®, you get an integrated suite of financial performance management applications, packaged analytics, and compliance tools that operate across the complex web of your enterprise systems to deliver a real-time, single version of the truth.

Infor PLM leverages data from across your entire enterprise to help you make better decisions about product development, management, design, and production. With Infor PLM, you can optimize every step of the product lifecycle to increase quality, launch new products in less time at a lower cost, and maximize profits.

Infor Supply Chain Management’s industry-specific functionality gives you the power to plan and execute your supply chain strategies more quickly and profitably. You get analytics to optimize your end-to-end supply chain and social networking tools to collaborate more effectively both internally and with customers, partners, and suppliers.

With Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ), you get the tools you need to streamline quoting, selling, manufacturing, and other business processes; effectively address the specific requirements of individual customers and large purchasing groups; and quickly and easily find the exact product features that meet customer requirements.

Infor ERP solutions for IM&E include Infor LN, Infor CloudSuite Industrial, and Infor VISUAL. Each provides end-to-end functionality to efficiently streamline shop floor activities and provide access to critical data on inventory, products, orders, customers, and back office financials. In an age where after-market services are increasingly counted on as a source of revenue and profit, these solutions include enhanced access to mobile field service capabilities that improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With Birst, you get pertinent, pre-built industry analytics content that makes pivotal information easily accessible and actionable for your users. Birst's cloud-native BI, analytics, and data visualization capabilities draw on data from across your enterprise, providing a broad choice of modern, machine learning-infused, self-service analytics interfaces.

It's estimated that more than 80% of the data some companies need to manage their supply chains resides outside their own four walls. GT Nexusthe world's largest cloud-based global commerce platformgives you a cloud-based collaboration platform that automates processes on a global scale, across entire trade communities. The result is visibility across your supply chain and the ability to drive new levels of operational efficiency and business agility.

Your industry

Infor solutions are designed specifically for IM&E micro-verticals.

Appliances and components

Manufacturers of appliances and the electronic components that go into them rely on Infor solutions to help manage businesses faced with shrinking product margins, shorter life cycles, and volatile demand patterns driven by consumer trends.


  • Manage the extended value chain with real-time visibility.
  • Track use of components and parts in detail for accurate inventory.
  • Expedite new product designs and product configurations.

Heavy machinery

Manufacturers of equipment used in farming, construction, mining, and oil and gas rely on Infor solutions to help them design, build, and maintain equipment that performs to high standards. You can also manage extended service contracts, so you can keep equipment running without unexpected downtime.


  • Manage a large volume of complex parts and components.
  • Track as-serviced configurations and the service history of equipment.
  • Manage an extended value chain of suppliers, partners, and fabricators.

Industrial equipment

Manufacturers of industrial equipment meeting exacting specifications, like those required within commercial heating and refrigeration, turn to Infor solutions to manage a large volume of serialized parts and product configurations.


  • Collaborate with customers and partners on frequent change orders.
  • Plan inventory levels, including spares and slow-moving production parts.
  • Understand costs to speed quoting and bid processes.

Industrial machinery

The industrial machinery segment covers a wide range of cutting, rolling, fabricating, printing, and packaging capabilities. This complex machinery must meet exact cross-industry specifications and provide reliable performance. Infor solutions help manage the process, from design to production through quality inspection.


  • Monitor and execute strict quality control measures.
  • Track frequent change orders and design configurations.
  • Provide maintenance contracts for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Industrial power

Industrial power manufacturers provide mission-critical equipment used as components in other industrial products or as stand-alone solutions that keep facilities running. No wonder the big names in industrial power turn to Infor solutions to manage product lifecycles, from cradle to grave. No other solution provider supports the range of capabilities needed to provide these high quality and reliable products.

  • Collaborate with customers, partners, and suppliers on complex designs, components, and assembly.
  • Maintain visibility with your entire extended value chain.
  • Generate and analyze data to predict performance issues and necessary service.

Material handling

Manufacturers of material handling equipment rely on Infor solutions to help manage the complex ETO and MTO process involved in producing machinery that will be used in highly critical situations. Serving manufacturers of conveying equipment, elevators and escalators, hoists and cranes, monorails, forklifts, industrial trucks and tractors, Infor increases safety and reliability across operations.

  • Speed product innovation, continually offering new design features with added safety.
  • Maintain accurate, appropriate inventory levels.
  • Ensure orders can be completed on time and as ordered.
  • Offer extended warranties, service agreements, installation, calibration, inspection, and preventive maintenance.


Manufacturers of transport vehicles, like ships and locomotives, have highly specialized needs. Infor delivers end-to-end functionality for the complete product lifecycle management of transport vehicles, from complex engineering designs to MTO production and ongoing maintenance of critical assets.

  • Expedite design and engineering specifications for greater innovation and new model launches.
  • Track elongated project management and complex MTO and ETO processes.
  • Monitor costs, resources, and labor to better understand overhead costs and improve bidding.

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