Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Optimal plant efficiency

Solutions for the new paradigm

Get visibility across your global supply chain and system-wide transparency for all key stakeholders with Infor’s manufacturing solutions—purpose built, comprehensive, designed to support multiple manufacturing strategies (ETO, MTO, CTO), and trusted by over 25,000 manufacturers worldwide.

  • Innovative


    Manufacturing expertise: Differentiate your brand and build customer loyalty with continually evolving technology that helps you turn trends like the Internet of Things and mass customization into a competitive advantage.

  • Specialized


    Micro-vertical functionality: Get solutions built specifically for your unique needs, from minimizing scrap to maintaining spare parts.

  • Beautiful


    Consumer-inspired user experience: Increase efficiency and attract new talent with a consumer-inspired user experience that’s been designed to mirror personal technology.

We are Manufacturing


Through images and words, see how manufacturing has evolved, where manufacturing stands today, and Infor's commitment to the future.


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Specialized by vertical

One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to software for manufacturers. You need solutions tailored to your distinct processes. Infor provides vertical solutions with specialized functionality built in—so you won’t have to make modifications.

Metal fabrication

Thin margins are forcing metal fabricators to reduce costs and control waste. Infor solutions help you meet these goals, plus achieve greater efficiency and visibility throughout your organization.

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  • Collaborate with partners, customers, and colleagues with ease.
  • Manage the complete supply chain and better control inventory levels.
  • Streamline MTO processes to ensure as-promised delivery to customers.

Plastics fabrication

Plastic fabrication requires attention to detail beyond the basics. Issues like availability of raw resources and asset utilization are critical to providing customers with orders on-time and as-promised. Infor helps you manage these issues, plus the quoting, scheduling, inventory management, and shipping of fabricated products and components.

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  • Obtain complete visibility into processes throughout your plant.
  • Understand your costs, so you can provide customers with accurate project quotes.
  • Track customer orders through production cycles, so you can provide accurate updates on status.

Medical devices

Manufacturers of medical devices face unique challenges concerning quality control, regulatory compliance, and reporting mandates. Infor solutions, purpose built for the industry, help you manage these critical issues, plus monitor your complete supply chain and collaborate with engineering partners and high tech fabricators worldwide.

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  • Lot/serial traceability
  • Electronic signatures
  • Integrated Quality Management module for FDA / GMP compliance
  • Leverage Infor's Operation Qualification testing and Installation Qualification

Furniture and fixtures

Customer demands for product customizations are driving manufacturers of furniture and fixtures to leverage MTO and ETO processes, as well as product configuration and guided selling. Infor solutions help you manage these challenges with ease and efficiency—helping you increase profit margins and customer loyalty.

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  • Manage ETO, MTO, and highly configured products with greater ease.
  • Track product work cycles throughout the operation with complete visibility.
  • Analyze costs and labor to better understand obstacles to profits and provide customers with more accurate quoting.
  • Track trends and formulate predictions for inventory requirements.

Lumber and wood

Effectively manage and streamline purchasing, inventory, and quality control with Infor solutions for lumber and wood. You can manage resources with careful attention to quality and costs and be certain you have the raw materials needed to meet customer orders.

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  • Manage resources with careful attention to quality and pricing.
  • Gain complete visibility into the production cycle, from design to inventory and customer shipments.
  • Streamline processes throughout the order-to-cash cycle for greater efficiency and profitability.

Printing, publishing, and packaging

Optimize process like collating, drilling, laminating, and coating with Infor solutions tailored-made for the printing, publishing, and packaging industry. From analyzing the costs of paper dimensions, ink, and consumables to optimizing equipment usage, Infor is committed to meeting your unique industry needs.

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  • Track the use of resources for detailed analysis of costs and more accurate quoting.
  • Manage and schedule the use of equipment, such as presses, to eliminate idle machines.
  • Optimize processes and material usage.

Stone, clay, glass, and concrete

Controlling costs is a critical concern for organizations in the stone, clay, glass and concrete industry, as they face low margins and pressures from customers to maintain prices. You can effectively manage the end-to-end process, while also streamlining operations and increasing efficiency, with Infor.

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  • Control expenses and cut waste to improve margins, while meeting customer expectations for low costs.
  • Optimize the use of heavy machinery and equipment assets to prevent idle machines.
  • Track and schedule preventive maintenance of critical assets to prevent unplanned down time.

Primary metals

Manufacturers of primary metals face extreme challenges due to volatile pricing of raw materials, market demand, and global competition. With Infor solutions, you can easily control costs and effectively manage your entire operation, from procurement to inventory management and business analytics.


  • Ensure proper stock levels with complete supply chain visibility.
  • Track throughput of plant processes and work flows for better efficiency and workforce productivity.
  • Analyze financial data to identify growth opportunities and predict profit potential.

A comprehensive software system for the manufacturing industry

Modernize your business with Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Manufacturing, a complete suite that includes a core ERP system combined with high-value extension applications, all delivered in the cloud. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, it's designed to for mid-sized manufacturers and fabricators looking for advanced, purpose-built manufacturing capabilities—plus all the advantages of cloud deployment.

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CloudSuite™ Industrial is designed for mid-sized manufacturers and fabricators looking for advanced, purpose-built manufacturing capabilities—plus all the advantages of cloud deployment.

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  • Industry-rich functionality
  • Speedier implementation
  • Continuous upgrades, managed by Infor
  • Outsourced maintenance and support
  • Exceptional reliability, world-class security

Enterprise-size manufacturers can trust Infor LN to manage their complete end-to-end manufacturing operations, from financials to product lifecycle management and after-market service.

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  • End-to-end solution with real-time visibility and strategic insights
  • Deep manufacturing functionality with a focus on shop floor activities and project management
  • Functionality to manage the complexity of ETO and MTO processes with ease
  • Available on-premise or in the cloud

Purpose-built for manufacturing, Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SytyLine) is a highly flexible, comprehensive solution that helps manufacturers manage their financials, analytics, and shop floor operations with greater efficiency and ease-of-use. This solution is available in the cloud or on-premise.

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  • Easy to use reporting, workbenches, and ability to track role-based KPIs
  • Industry packs for Process, Printing and Publishing, Auto, Metal Fab, and Molding
  • Functionality to track and manage warranties, service agreements, and after-market service

With Birst, you get pertinent, pre-built industry analytics content that works across enterprise systems and makes pivotal information easily accessible and actionable for your users. Birst’s cloud-native BI, analytics, and data visualization capabilities draw on data from across your enterprise, providing a broad choice of modern, machine learning-infused, self-service analytics interfaces.

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More than 80% of the data companies need to run their businesses resides outside their own four walls. GT Nexus—the world's largest cloud-based global commerce platform—gives you a cloud-based collaboration platform that automates processes on a global scale, across entire trade communities. The result is visibility across your supply chain and the ability to drive new levels of operational efficiency and business agility.

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Delivers guided quoting and selling of configured products for manufacturers and distributors of custom products

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Drive a 360° customer view across all your channels.

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Improve asset performance, increase service life, and cut costs with Enterprise Asset Management.

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Analyze and monitor your business with Enterprise Performance Management.

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Manage shop floor operations, including labor costs and warehouse mobility.

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Optimize every step of your product lifecycle.

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Plan and execute your supply chain strategies.

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Develop the talent to support your manufacturing goals.

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Make the most of your service opportunities and gain a competitive edge to build solid, long-term relationships with you customers.

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Customer stories

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V

Boskalis, a Netherlands-based company, provides services relating to the construction and maintenance of maritime fleets. Boskalis turned to Infor to eliminate numerous disparate systems and provide one reliable system to standardize and manage their worldwide, multimillion-dollar projects.

"The technology we have to deal with is becoming more complex. The decision to build knowledge in our own team or to extract it from Infor, which offers all specializations together as a service, was simple. We are moving away from the principle to do everything by ourselves, in-house, so our team can focus more on maximizing the business value for its own organization."

Rien Krijger, ICT director, Boskalis

Harsco Rail

Harsco Rail expands global reach

Harsco is a diversified, worldwide company serving industries fundamental to global economic progress and infrastructure development. The three divisions include Harsco Metals & Minerals, Harsco Rail, and Harsco Industrial. Harsco was using a heavily modified ERP system, but needed to needed to provide a new environment for a joint venture in China in less than 120 days. Harsco turned to Infor CloudSuite solutions. The China environment was live in 60 days. Harsco’s expansion went on to include a division in German and Italy, all within months.

“We were able to achieve the goal of bringing an international site up and running well under budget and on-time, thanks to cloud deployment. We are also benefitting from the expert operational knowledge and industry best practices that are built into the standard solution.”

Abraham Kurian, Divisional Information Officer, Harsco

Preferred Sands

Preferred Sands controls costs

Preferred Sands is the number one frac sand producer in Canada and one of the top three producers in the US. The company produces up to 400,000 tons a month, from 6 mines and 5 sand processing plants. Download the Customer Innovation study to learn how Infor solutions helped Preferred Sands reduce costs and speed reconciliations.

Find an Infor partner for the manufacturing industry

Infor partners can help you to better implement, optimize, and maintain your product.

With a global network of partners specializing in various industries, solutions, and products, there's always an Infor partner to match your business' most specific needs. 


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The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to bring an economic impact in the trillions, according to industry leaders. Billions of connected devices and machines will give manufacturers new insights on consumer preferences, product performance, and the condition of internal assets, supply chain logistics, and consumer goods. Learn more about the potential, the estimated impact, and what you can do now to make sure you aren’t left behind when the IoT ship launches.

Waves of innovation have turned into a tsunami. Disruptive IT forces are converging with operational innovations, and the intensity of the transformation is staggering. Manufacturers are discovering they need to keep up or risk obsolescence. IT solutions provide the ticket to the future. Learn how to prepare.

Transformative trends in manufacturing extend to the shop floor, where speed, automation, and collaborative problem solving reach critical proportions. The new normal is faster, wiser, and leaner. Tech-savvy manufacturers can rely on streamlined systems and integrated IT tools to help achieve new heights of performance. But, pay attention—the bar is continuously rising.

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