Plastics fabrication manufacturing software

Plastics fabrication manufacturing software

As a plastics fabricator, you have to continually balance customer expectations with costs. Competition is fierce, and staying competitive means streamlining operations and enhancing productivity so you can avoid losing market share to agile start-ups or price-aggressive, big-name companies. Creating customer loyalty means you need to exceed expectations and provide value-add services that allow you to compete on factors other than price.

Advanced ERP functionality from Infor helps you address these market pressures and face today’s challenges with confidence. Not only can you improve speed of delivery, you can also boost efficiency and become highly responsive to customer needs, allowing your staff to spot issues before they impact the bottom line or cause roadblocks to as-promised delivery.

One fully integrated system is the key. With Infor Industrial Manufacturing for Plastics Fabrication, you can manage your entire operation with a single solution. From quoting complex made-to-order (MTO) jobs to fulfilling large, repetitive orders of make-to-stock (MTS) inventory, you’ll have the tools to manage complex workflows with ease. You’ll also have better visibility, tighter controls on quality, and a 360-degree view of profitability and customer satisfaction.

By providing process control and financial management capabilities designed to address the specialized needs of molding, extrusion, and fabricating operations, Infor Industrial Manufacturing for Plastics Fabrication helps you control your day-to-day activities, while allowing you to effectively manage long term strategic goals for growth.


Infor Industrial Manufacturing for Plastics Fabrication helps companies like yours—large and small—meet your full business and process needs, such as:

A package for plastics fabricators

With Infor Industrial Manufacturing for Plastics Fabrication, you’ll be able to keep your customers, suppliers, sub-contractors, and supply chain partners happy. You’ll have the tools to:

  • Speed the estimating process.
  • Streamline the design and engineering process.
  • Gain complete visibility from request-for-quote to order fulfillment.
  • Manage inventory and scrap.
  • Analyze profitability and efficiency.


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