Infor Public Sector Solutions for ANZ

Infor Public Sector Solutions for ANZ

Solutions for 21st century government

Built from the ground up for public sector in ANZ

Public sector and local councils face unique challenges. You need to effectively provide services to meet the diverse needs of your 21st century constituents.

Few industries have a greater need for purpose-built, flexible software solutions, and few organizations have more experience delivering them than Infor. Serving over 3,900 public sector organizations, we offer the most complete, integrated, end-to-end solution for the public sector.


The Infor Public Sector advantage

Our software solutions for the public sector are built to help you simplify the overall business of managing government, allowing you to address citizen concerns sooner, improve planning and reporting, and maximize both revenue and capital investments.


Get government-specific capabilities built in, not bolted on, with Infor Public Sector. Our solutions combine decades of practical application with the latest innovations to give you technology that is proven effective and designed to help you thrive in a modern world.

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Get public sector solutions that are as easy to use, attractive, and inspiring as consumer software. The Infor User Experience wraps your enterprise applications in an elegant, consumer-inspired user experience, and delivers social business capabilities that empower your departments to communicate and collaborate efficiently.


Seamlessly connect systems across departments to eliminate information silos and improve coordination. Out-of-the-box integrations with financial, permitting and billing, and asset management solutions give you comprehensive capabilities without sacrificing efficiency or visibility.

Locally compliant
Locally compliant

Our local government solutions are developed in Australia to meet the specific needs and regulatory requirements of local councils in Australia and New Zealand.

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Specialized needs, specialized solutions

One size fits all software simply cannot effectively meet the requirements of public sector organizations. Your needs as a local council in Australia or New Zealand aren’t the same as those of a water utility or a state department. Infor doesn’t just understand these differences, we have decades of experience with building and implementing software solutions designed specifically to meet them.

Local councils

Infor has the answers for councils in Australia and New Zealand. We can help you harness innovation and create a strong digital transformation strategy. Infor CloudSuite Local Government solutions interoperate with your core government, third party, and other contractor systems to improve efficiency, eliminate information silos, and improve coordination.

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  • Customer Service and People Management
  • Property Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Regulatory Management
  • Systems Administrationt
  • Internal Mobile Applications
  • Internet-enabled customer self-service

Water industry

Infor Public Sector offers the broadest assortment of software solutions available for today's utilities. Our specialized applications for water and sewer systems, as well as above- and below-ground assets, help hundreds of organizations in the world's most demanding environments maximize reliability and reduce costs.

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  • Water utility operations
  • Billing
  • Discreet asset management
  • Linear asset management
  • Capital planning & budgeting
  • Maintenance/work order management
  • Call management
  • Grants life-cycle management
  • Project/contract management

State government

Infor Public Sector solutions helps more than 1,200 local and municipal governments worldwide respond with unmatched intelligence, speed, and flexibility. Decision makers get a single version of the truth, encompassing all aspects of agency operations and allowing coordinated responses that cross multiple departments.

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  • Finance and corporate performance
  • Billing
  • Asset management
  • BI and analytics
  • Integration
  • Libraries

Field Inspector Mobile

Field workers need to get to the right place, within time KPIs, with the information they need to get the job done. Infor Field Inspector equips staff with the tools, information and resources they need to efficiently complete service requests, work orders, asset condition and regulatory inspections on any iOS, Android, or Windows tablet—no internet connection required.

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  • Provide fast, responsive service with mobile functionality in the field
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase efficiencies and productivity across your organization
  • Improve decision-making with real-time information flow

Liquid waste management

Councils and water authorities responsible for the management of liquid trade waste are tasked with managing wastewater discharged from commercial, industrial, laboratory, or trade activities in accordance with regulations. Infor Trade Waste Management is purpose-built to help reduce the impact of environmental damage, lowering both the costs and risks associated with sewage treatment for the benefit of the environment and human health.

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  • Manage trade waste agreements across their entire lifecycle
  • Classify trade waste customers
  • Capture and monitor pre-treatment routines and other activities for compliance
  • Manage charging regimes using the rate table and billing engine
  • Track complete billing and compliance history

A comprehensive software system for the public sector

Modernize your operations with Infor CloudSuite™ Public Sector, a complete suite of applications made for all levels of government—including federal, state, local, and utilities. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, it's designed for public sector organizations that are looking to drive efficiency and innovation—plus all the advantages of cloud deployment.

Infor Pathway is a modern, web-enabled solution developed to meet the specific requirements of local authorities in Australia and New Zealand. Developed by industry experts, many with more than 20 years' experience serving the enterprise software needs of local government, Infor Pathway delivers the comprehensive functionality councils and other local authorities need to meet their customer service objectives.

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  • Customer service and people management
  • Property management
  • Revenue management
  • Regulatory management
  • Systems administration
  • Internal mobile applications
  • Internet-enabled customer self-service

Strengthen your business by identifying unreliable equipment and maladaptive equipment that may result in cost overruns. With M3 Analytics, you can also see how well you are utilizing your rental equipment fleet and focus on your most profitable customer contracts

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Serve customers professionally and efficiently every day with Infor’s cutting-edge customer information system (CIS) tools. Our comprehensive utility billing software suite is designed specifically for local and state government agencies' water, wastewater, storm, and refuse customers.

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  • Customer engagement portal
  • Customer service
  • Community development and regulation
  • Billing and revenue management
  • Cashiering
  • Meter management
  • Asset management

Aggregate disparate information systems and data, regardless of the source system, message format, or transmission protocol, with Infor’s integration technology. You can facilitate the movement of secure data through disparate systems within and outside your organization.

Infor BI solutions streamline and accelerate the processes of gathering, analyzing, reporting, and planning key business information. For local councils in ANZ it’s critical to make decisions that improve customer service for your citizens. With Infor BI solutions, you can analyse data quickly and in real time to help you manage this.

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  • Pre-packaged, industry-specific content
  • Pivotal data delivered in-context by role or business domain
  • Part of Infor’s cloud-based industry suites

A customer service platform designed for authorities in Australia and New Zealand to allow customers to conveniently and confidently lodge requests, make payments, and process regulatory transactions online.

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Offer citizens and companies in your community a complete view of relevant and related information—regardless of your agency structure. Infor's integrated Rhythm for Civics platform retrieves citizen data from multiple departments and delivers it in a single beautiful interface.

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Read how organizations in ANZ have achieved operational benefits

Palmerston North City Council

Palmerston North City Council, New Zealand

“Infor Public Sector delivers a robust and easy-to-use asset management platform. This in turn allows our planning engineers and asset managers to make sound and confident decisions regarding the operation, management, and future of our assets.”

City of Port Adelaide Enfield

City of Port Adelaide Enfield, South Australia

“Infor Public Sector provides us with an easy-to-use platform to improve asset efficiency, conduct planned and unplanned maintenance, manage work costs, and optimize the lifecycle of our assets. In turn, this allows us to make decisions with confidence regarding the operation and management of our assets.”

Upper Hutt City Council

Upper Hutt City Council, New Zealand

“Infor Public Sector underpins the city’s lifecycle asset management activities—from creating to operating, maintaining, replacing, rehabilitating, and disposing of assets.”

City of Greater Geelong

City of Greater Geelong, Victoria

CloudSuite Public Sector and Infor ION solutions helped the City of Greater Geelong reduce inventory costs and increase administrative efficiency by 40%.

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Digital disruption

New opportunities for digital transformation are changing the public sector landscape in Australia and New Zealand.


Local government: Leading communities, leveraging disruption

There is no doubt that this is a chaotic, confusing, and challenging time for local governments and all public sector organizations. Municipalities are being challenged to take on roles where they may have limited capabilities as a result of widespread, rapid disruption and the changing expectations of constituents. Here’s how to prepare for digital government.

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Digital transformation is often unimaginable until it happens, but can trigger rapid growth and shatter existing business models. More than ever, today’s public sector managers are looking to digitize operations to streamline processes and recruit the next generation of talent.

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Infor builds complete industry suites and deploys software that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily with your existing systems. Find out why more than 90,000 organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.