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School administrators bear much more sophisticated responsibilities than they did just a few years ago. Increasing accountability for outcomes, tightening budgets, and complex workforce requirements mean that pencil-and-paper management will no longer suffice. Infor public sector software solutions focus on the specific needs of the K-12 environment and offer deployment flexibility. With K-12 ERP tools that streamline financial management, staff development, and facilities management in place, you can free up your organization to focus on serving your community and delivering great education to students.

Infor K-12 software empowers school districts

financial accuracy
Boost financial accuracy

Our cloud-based financial and budgeting software solutions for education are built to satisfy the specific requirements of educational accounting and finance, as well as the unique procurement processes required by school systems.

Get maximum value from facilities and equipment

Better control the costs of your educational infrastructure with Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for your school system. EAM software for K-12 will help you extend the working life of buildings, classrooms, and equipment. By ensuring regular maintenance and efficient performance of your assets and equipment, you’ll be able to get more value from your facilities and reduce energy costs.

Streamline student activity fund management

Collect, track, and process student activity monies from start to finish.

Human resource & teacher management

Give your faculty and staff online, self-service access to HR information with Infor Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. Ensure compliance with all contract terms and work rules with teacher contract management.

Upgrade grant accounting

Sophisticated grant accounting features help you maintain a clear view of your position with respect to critical funding sources.

improve decision
Simplify operations and improve decision-making

Infor ION® integration helps you eliminate isolated silos of information by tying together your existing student information systems, financial systems, and other data sources.

K-12 solutions


Infor's ERP solutions for K-12 schools provide complete, integrated, end-to-end functionality that helps simplify the business of managing school districts. You’ll be able to integrate your ERP systems to improve the availability and accuracy of your data, allowing you to prepare timely financial reports in compliance with state and federal regulations.

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For a workforce with complex rules like labor union contracts or civil service regulations, no other solution can match Infor Human Resource Management for tracking time, qualifications, seniority, and other critical data. Infor’s human resource solutions for schools include global HR, Workforce Management, Talent Science and Talent Management.

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Infor ION middleware links your existing human resources, payroll, and financial systems with student information and other systems from different vendors. As a result, you can simplify operations to significantly relieve the workload on your IT staff. Since changes impacting multiple systems are now made simultaneously, you can promote better decision-making through access to real-time, accurate information.

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Simplify the most complex asset management scenarios and monitor energy usage with the most flexible, powerful solution available for managing custody and maintenance of physical assets such as buildings, vehicles, heating plants, instructional equipment, computers, and even desks and chairs.

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