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The federal market is truly unique as it cuts across multiple industry micro-verticals where one size does not fit all. Infor's comprehensive suite of applications addresses federal agencies' operational needs and most pressing issues, including audit readiness, compliance, information and data security, property and asset lifecycle management, talent management, emergency response, and daily business operations. Compliant with the most demanding regulations, and available from Infor or its partners through a wide range of contract vehicles and certifications, including NASA SEWP, GSA-70, FedRAMP, and many others, Infor Public Sector can help your federal agency address increasing demands in the face of frozen or shrinking budgets.

Proven solutions to transform the business of government

Reduce Costs, Leverage Innovation, Enhance Security

Grow and Support Your Workforce
Grow and support your workforce

With HCM for federal government, organizations can decrease HR cycle times and costs with employee and manager self-service capabilities, ensuring that employees are being used effectively, trained properly, and that all labor contracts and regulations are observed. HCM also helps agencies measure and analyze workforce performance to enable long term strategic planning and optimize budgets and control payroll costs-all while recruiting and developing a workforce that supports the agency's mission.

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Dynamic Budgeting and Performance Management
Dynamic budgeting and performance management

Provide exceptional control over your agency’s financial management with d/EPM, which helps you oversee business operations effectively while complying with the US Federal reporting requirements. Establish and manage budget authority, track funds, simplify payments, and automate processes to increase efficiency across your agency.

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Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation
Continuous diagnostics and mitigation

Maintain audit readiness, prepare for inspections, and meet continuous diagnostics and mitigation requirements with ease. Work to identify and contain both insider threats and potential cyber attacks to your agency or organization through automated monitoring tools that drive data security and deliver peace of mind.

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New user experience
User experience

All Infor solutions are designed with the user in mind and provide an exceptional user experience for employees, partners and citizens alike. Infor also delivers social media tools such as Infor Ming.le™, Motion, and Analytics to promote a more collaborative experience for employees, partners, and citizens.

Security and Compliance
Security and compliance

Federal agencies need business solutions that meet federal functional and technical requirements and are mission-focused. With more than 30 years of federal experience, Infor understands this need and provides a level of security and compliance unmatched by its peers. Infor technology platforms provide exceptional flexibility to connect disparate systems, as well as tools for mobility, workflow, and BI that enhance visibility while ensuring compliance with many federal security and accessibility mandates.

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Flexible Deployment
Flexible deployment

With a complete range of deployment options, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid configurations, Infor offers rapid implementation to get your agency up and running fast. Infor CloudSuite lets federal agencies reduce IT upgrade and maintenance costs, easily manage budgets, payroll, and assets, and deliver better citizen services—all in a cost-effective cloud environment that delivers unmatched efficiency, reliability, security, and compliance.

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Complete solutions for federal

The federal market is truly unique as it cuts across multiple industry micro-verticals where one size does not fit all. Infor’s comprehensive suite of applications addresses federal agencies’ operational needs and most pressing issues, including audit readiness, compliance, information and data security, property and asset lifecycle management, talent management, and daily business operations.

Infor’s preconfigured software, supported by our flexible and agile technical platform, meets all federal-specific functional requirements, and workflows while maintaining broader industry compliance standards.

Civilian and independent agencies

Meet your agency mission faster. With the complex role played by federal civilian and independent agencies, it’s critical to oversee your entire enterprise—from budget and workforce planning to asset and property management—all while maintaining the required level of security and compliance. The effectiveness of your agency relies on solutions that deliver interoperability, standardize and automate processes, and deliver more effective service and accountability to the citizens you serve.


  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • Improved risk assessment and compliance
  • HR and labor management solutions for a changing workforce
  • Property and asset management
  • Technology to connect disparate systems


Supporting the war fighter and securing the homeland are your missions. Collecting and analyzing data, developing a next generation military, and monitoring for threats both domestic and foreign require technology that enables security and connection beyond what is needed by most commercial businesses. When lives and freedom are in jeopardy, citizens put their trust in your decisions; having the right technology becomes mission critical.


  • Solutions to support your mission
  • Back office support for the front lines
  • Secure asset tracking
  • Automation for a military workforce

Healthcare and social services

Veterans, military families, and government workers rely on you to deliver care. Manage and grow your staff, oversee healthcare facilities, and automate delivery of supplies, all while keeping patient outcomes in mind. Being able to rely on interoperable solutions that deliver rich functionality delivers peace of mind for you and the patients you serve. Partner with the leader in commercial healthcare and benefit from decades of experience in hospital administration, staffing, and patient care.

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  • Drive better patient outcomes
  • Improve your scheduling and staffing needs
  • Monitor for waste, fraud, and abuse
  • Standardize and automate processes for improved efficiency

Not for profit

By providing connections between federal agencies and the citizens they serve, non-profit organizations are often on the front lines when disaster strikes or when the need is greatest. Ensuring that citizens have access to resources and development, as well as grants and training opportunities, non-profit organizations partner with federal agencies to deliver support and guidance and to drive positive outcomes.


  • Connected processes to extend support and fulfill your agency mission
  • End-to-end business management suite for people, supplies, and assets
  • Analytics, forecasting, and prediction for fund raising

We’re connected. Our Federal team is engaged with:


Secure monitoring for federal agencies—Infor Controls Monitoring

As federal agencies continue to face increasingly hazardous IT security threats, they are constantly tasked with answering these challenges, while protecting sensitive—and often classified—data. Infor’s solution for continuous monitoring and diagnostics delivers a core set of unique controls that address risk and monitor for exceptions throughout the organization. It enables organizations to identify and respond to business exceptions that impact performance by reducing fraud and risk, automating compliance, and improving operations.

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A Partnership for 21st century government

Infor and its expert channel partners understand the unique challenges federal agencies face every day. That's why we created an Infor suite of purpose-built solutions for federal agencies' most pressing issues, including:


Decrease HR cycle time and costs across your agency with employee and manager self-service capabilities. Ensure that employees are being used effectively, trained properly, and that all labor contracts and regulations are observed.

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Consolidate information across your organization to deliver reliable financial data, so you can: improve budget management, create more effective cost-reduction strategies, forecast more accurately, and respond to new challenges more quickly.

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Get financial, HCM, WFM, EAM, and clinical data interoperability solutions that standardize and automate processes and deliver more effective service and better care in VA or military health care organizations. Infor is the recognized leader in Healthcare and offers a complete solution for federal customers.

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Improve citizen interactions, deliver outstanding service, and support and drive increased transparency and satisfaction. By adding more convenient self-service options for agency and organizational services, you can change citizen and donor experiences, and provide options at a lower cost. Whether it’s with partners, citizens, or donors, you can track and view all interactions for faster resolution to problems and questions. This allows you to both save money and build trust, now and into the future.

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Measure and analyze workforce performance to enable long term strategic planning. Optimize budgets and control payroll costs while recruiting and developing a workforce to support your agency mission.

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Monitor federal facilities, real and personal property, fleet, and any other assets for top performance, optimal utilization, improved maintenance, energy efficiency, and supply chain efficiency.

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Comprehensive Asset Management in Government ›

Maintain audit readiness, prepare for inspections, and meet continuous diagnostic and mitigation requirements with ease. Infor d/EPM helps protect the expanded management plane, leveraging shared security responsibility models, protecting new technologies, and scaling up to maintain control over new, highly elastic cloud environments.

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Get a secure hotel, national park lodge, and military base lodging reservation system that takes you through the entire reservation distribution process. With Infor’s hospitality management solutions, you get software configured specifically for federal hospitality, enabling excellent guest services, and increased operational efficiency.

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