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The next frontier in library automation

Infor Libraries provides end-to-end automation solutions for your library. Your staff can more easily manage resources of any kind and deliver excellent service to the public.

With our solutions, you can market your library’s services, engage users in interactive ways, and provide access to digital and traditional materials alike. Easily manage your collections and provide users with access to information on the internet, in your library's catalog, or in subscription databases.

Infor Libraries at a glance

  • Better manage operations, including circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials management, and reporting
  • Extend services through interoperability
  • Manage customer relationships
  • Gain key performance data

Better manage metadata, customers, and services

Infor Integrated Library System (ILS) allows libraries and institutions to deliver a rich, interactive online experience. Easily manage your collections and provide users with access to digital and traditional materials alike. Review key usage and performance data to support decision-making.

Lower library costs
Lower library costs

V-smart ILS provides a single system to catalog a wide range of material types (e-resources as well as print materials). Unifying materials under a single system can help lower library costs.

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Improve efficiency
Improve efficiency

With Infor V-smart you can better manage your metadata, creating flexibility and improved efficiency. You can describe bibliographic records, images, archival documents, websites, A/V files, digital objects, maps, and more—in any format imaginable.

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Adhere to industry standards
Adhere to industry standards

Thanks to tight integration of data and functionality, Infor V-smart makes library standards, protocols, and interfaces easier to use and implement for your Integrated Library System. It fully supports industry standards and guidelines such as Z39.50, SRU, and SIP2.

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Go mobile
Go mobile

Infor’s library management system features a responsive design which allows it to run on everything from desktops and laptops, to tablets and smartphones. It also provides web accessibility for blind and visually impaired users and supports right-left scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew.

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A complete and cohesive suite of web-based products

Infor's end-to-end library automation solution provides a comprehensive suite of industry-specific products for libraries, archives, and museums. All products are web-based and require only a browser to run. All application logic is situated on the server of your choice (Linux, Unix or Windows).

V-smart incorporates all standard modules including circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials, and reporting. Your staff can use the dynamic, engaging, and customizable interface to access all system functions.


  • Integrated modules for cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions, and serials management
  • Open platform architecture with ODBC/SQL compliance and web services support for access to core data
  • Easily deployed and maintained

V-insight is a statistical portal that provides libraries with key performance data and metrics. Library directors, marketing staff, circulation desk managers, selectors and others use V-insight to gain actionable insights for effective decision making.


  • Web-based statistical analysis of canned and customized dashboards
  • Easy access to accurate data upon which to base decision making
  • "Pick and click" functionality
  • Schedule-based dashboard creation, updating, and data processing

Iguana is an online platform that combines website and collection in one environment. The application delivers the online experience that your increasingly savvy web-based audience expects, and offers the tools you need to promote collections and services via widgets, mashups, animations, personal interest profiles, lists, alerts, social sharing, and a mobile app.


  • Flexible user interface
  • Mobile-enabled and responsive design
  • Web accessibility for the blind and visually impaired
  • Supports right-to-left scripts

Infor V-smart Air is a flexible, browser-based interface designed to run on desktops, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. It provides web accessibility for blind and visually impaired users and supports right-left scrips such as Arabic and Hebrew.


  • Integrated website and catalog
  • Interactive animations
  • Support for widgets, mashups, wikipedia links, maps, and more
  • Personal interest profiles, lists, alerts and social sharing
  • Android app and mobile profile

Infor V-eyeQ stimulates collection usage, helps to avoid overlap, enables an integrated view, promotes a “rational” approach, and helps to avoid budget waste. This complete tool for collection management includes planning tools, detailed performance analysis, advice on what to purchase, weed, or transfer, and detailed selection support.


  • Collection development and planning
  • Recommendations for purchasing and purging
  • Performance analysis based on authors, titles, genres, keywords, etc.
  • Benchmarking between library branches

Infor V-link provides users with a structured interface to search and access a variety of information resources and retrieve the most relevant search results. Users can enjoy seamless access to a range of journals, movies, books, audio, and more.


  • Context-sensitive linking to external information resources
  • Easy customization through cascading style sheets and flexible profiles
  • Integrated statistics for usage data

Infor V@school is an Integrated Library System (ILS) that helps public libraries share information and services with elementary schools. The application is tailor-made for children and volunteers. The library and the schools share the same database and server infrastructure, yet each has access to only its own “private” section of the shared data and services.

Solution details

Our format-agnostic solutions support multiple databases, formats, and locations, and they are built to meet consortium and individual branch requirements. That's why thousands of libraries across the globe benefit from our applications each day.

Public libraries

Public libraries include newspaper collections, print materials, subscription databases, journals, and books in multiple languages and formats. For the user, customization, user participation, and remote services are part-and-parcel of the online experience. With Infor solutions, users can enjoy immediate access to the online catalog, manage their accounts, and find information in multiple resources.


  • Interoperability with third-party systems, such as RFID and self-check (SIP2)
  • Information delivery tools, such as RSS and SDI
  • Accepts credit and debit card payments
  • Offers integrated e-commerce support
  • Supports ILL
  • Supports standard data formats and protocols

Academic libraries

Through flexible collection management tools, a rich search environment, digital repository support, and VLE integration, academic libraries offer seamless access to information regardless of format or source. Infor applications are in use in some of Europe’s foremost educational institutions, to address the needs of staff, educators, and students in dynamic learning environments.


  • Offers scalable and flexible metadata
  • Supports standard formats and protocols
  • Offers digital repositories to disseminate scholarly publications (OAI)
  • Multi-lingual
  • Supports ILL
  • Offers course and resource management
  • Delivers VLE integration
  • Provides data harvesting
  • Operates in a SOA model
  • Supports Stack requests

Libraries for people with sight loss

Serving large populations of visually impaired users, libraries for the blind require special functionality to make materials readily available. Our solutions have been implemented at multiple libraries for people with sight loss, including Dedicon (NL), SBS (CH), Nota (DK), CNIB (CND), RNIB (GB) and Ligue Braille (Belgium). V-smart enables these libraries to easily circulate materials to their users.


  • Automates the on demand lending and reproduction process
  • Supports books, newspapers, magazines, and sheet music
  • Offers audio, Braille, enlarged, and digitized formats
  • Supports Jaws, ZoomText, and NVDA
  • Provides wish lists
  • Manages invoicing, catalogue, customers, circulation, rights, and services

Special libraries

Our customers include corporate, institutional, and special libraries. Using V-smart, special libraries can easily create customized workflows and presentations.

They can create digital collections to present artwork or newspaper collections.


  • Offers scalable applications for small, medium, and large institutions
  • Flexible metadata formats showcase and deliver digital and printed collections
  • Supports standard data formats and protocols
  • Supports multiple languages

Archives and museums

Archives use our applications to showcase particular digital collections to their users. Old prints, manuscripts, photos, audio, video, PDF, artwork, newspapers, postcards or any other type of digitized material can be presented together with printed collections and website search results. A sophisticated animations database allows interested users to see selections.


  • Flexible metadata formats showcase and deliver digital and printed collections
  • Wizards speed digital object loading
  • System automatically generates thumbnails, relationships, metadata, and object formats
  • Delivers animations of selections
  • Offfers a timeline

Infor Libraries customers



RNIB enhances library services

RNIB selected Infor V-smart to improve member services, consolidate processes, and boost efficiency. RNIB now has all of its library material indexed in a consistent format, with a single log-in screen. The organization has saved time and reduced its training requirements, and can provide faster, more relevant service to members.


City of Dorval

“With Infor V-smart, we can appeal to a new generation of library members through the solution’s collaborative user interface, sophisticated search functionality, and personalized online environment”

Linda Burdayron
Division Chief, Library and Cultural Services
City of Dorval


Kirkland Municipal Library

Located on the west island of Montreal, Quebec, Kirkland Municipal Library improves patron devices with Infor. The library chose Infor V-smart to help provide its members with remote catalog access through an integrated, web-based system, as well as to enhance interactions and services through improved ease-of-use.

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