Innovations built for transportation

A successful road and highway program requires precise planning, reliable execution, and a thorough, consistent maintenance program. The public routinely expects high quality streets and highways and doesn't want to think about the repairs, preventive maintenance, and ongoing upgrades that make it possible to travel around their communities. Make the management of your rail, street and highway programs as efficient as a drive across town with Infor Public Sector software and fleet management solutions for transportation departments. With Infor transportation software you will be able to:

  • Organize, manage and monitor assets including vehicles, facilities, road repairs, bridges, signs and signal systems
  • Keep your transportation infrastructure in top condition to help you minimize traffic disruptions and cut total costs
  • Establish financial controls
  • Manage your workforce more effectively


Better manage public sector linear assets

Designed for the unique needs of moving and infrastructure asset maintenance, Infor public sector transit & rail asset management software helps public sector fleet operators organize, manage and monitor linear assets including:

  • Roads, tracks, bridges
  • Signs and signal systems
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Buses
  • Rail vehicles
  • Service vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Facilities

Transit software products

Infor Public Sector solutions for transportation departments include a broad assortment of software systems focused on addressing your most specific requirements, including:

Monitor transit and rail facilities, real and personal property, fleet, and any other linear assets for top performance, optimal utilization, improved maintenance, energy efficiency, and supply chain efficiency. Infor Public Sector Fleet Management EAM solutions help you:

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  • Increase uptime
  • Improve reliability and manage risk
  • Schedule preventive maintenance
  • Reduce inventory and purchasing costs
  • Better manage assets to increase transit agency efficiency
First Transit

First Transit uses Infor EAM to reduce repair costs
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Ensure that employees are being used effectively, trained properly, and that all labor contracts and regulations are effectively managed and correctly observed with Infor Global HR.

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Infor Public Sector Suite for Transit provides a comprehensive suite of industry-specific solutions to improve the performance of any transit organization, with advanced features for budgeting and planning, billing and payments, asset maintenance, customer service, advanced GIS mapping, and more. With Infor Public Sector Suite for Transit you'll be able to deliver better service more economically and achieve top performance.

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Infor Risk & Compliance (formerly Approva) will help you maintain audit readiness, prepare for inspections, and meet reporting requirements for your transit authority with ease.

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