Purpose-built software for public sector utilities

Citizens take utility services for granted. They simply assume that water, sanitary services, solid waste pick-up, and electricity will always function properly and effectively, oblivious to the sophisticated, ongoing engineering and maintenance efforts that happen behind the scenes.

But the cost and complexity of keeping a modern utility infrastructure increase as time goes by and the population grows. Infor Public Sector software helps bring order to the boundless complexity of a modern utility provider, and by harnessing that complexity, it also helps control costs and maximize reliability and improve customer service.

Infor Public Sector offers the broadest assortment of highly-focused software solutions available for today's utilities. With specialized solutions for water and sewer systems, above ground and below ground assets, and managing the unique asset mix that utilities depend on, Infor solutions help you maximize reliability and reduce costs.

Infor has decades of experience helping utilities of all size improve performance and increase service levels with solutions for:

  • Utility Billing and payments
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Asset performance and maintenance
  • Customer service
  • Human resource management
  • Condition assessments
  • Risk analysis

Utilities solutions

Infor Public Sector Suite CIS Billing software gives your staff the power to serve citizens professionally and efficiently with cutting-edge customer information system (CIS) tools. We designed this comprehensive utility billing software suite specifically for local and state agencies' water, wastewater, storm, and refuse customers. With Infor Public Sector CIS Billing, your organization can:

  • Achieve "first call resolution" more often by supporting faster, clearer decision-making at the customer interaction level
  • Give your employees the tools to perform their daily tasks quickly by putting your agency's knowledge base just one click away
  • Generate bills, receive and track payments, and maintain historical information regarding services, accounts, and customers
  • Gain unrestricted flexibility to create bill types, rate codes, and bill formats
  • Personalize and configure screens, processes, and dashboards to meet your agency's needs without custom programming
  • Improve the way different departments work together by using a true enterprise solution
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A comprehensive suite of industry-specific software to improve the performance of any utilities organization, with advanced features for budgeting and planning, billing and payments, asset maintenance, customer service, advanced GIS mapping, a sophisticated data network model, and more. With Public Sector Suite for Utilities software, you'll be able to deliver better service more economically and achieve top performance.

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Simplify your utilities asset management and monitor energy usage with Infor EAM for Public Sector—the most flexible, powerful solution available for managing the custody and maintenance of physical assets. Your utility will realize improved asset performance, maintenance, and energy efficiency.

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Ensure that you're utilizing employees effectively, training them properly, and observing all labor contracts and regulations. Infor HR and HCM solutions include:

  • Global human resources
  • Talent management
  • HR service delivery
  • Add-on bundles (Payroll, Workforce Management, HCM analytics)


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Give your government agency the tools it needs to better process and manage citizen requests and manage your call center. Infor Public Sector CRM is a true citizen-based CRM solution for the public sector. Public Sector CRM helps public sector organizations:

  • Create a consistent message for all information provided to citizens
  • Input, manage, and report on all contact with citizens and the status of each request
  • Provide operators with a single system that delivers direct access to all information a citizen is likely to request
  • Provide timely and accurate information to citizens
  • Create and send sophisticated, compliant emails to constituents and nurture them automatically using drip engagement campaigns
  • Transform citizen contact from an "in-line" system to an "online" system
  • Improve the responsiveness and readiness of your call center
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Only Infor CloudSuite Public Sector offers an end-to-end solution with functionality tailored to meet the complex industry demands of utilitieswith the benefit of cloud deployment. Infor provides packaging options for back office and industry-specific front office functionality, as well as add-on solutions to address public sector needs.  

Infor CloudSuite Public Sector includes:

  • Infor EFM - A complete set of core financial management capabilities, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, project accounting, and fixed assets, AP automation, cash and treasury management, close and reconciliation management, and financial management/project analysis
  • Infor Supply Chain Management (SCM)—Provides procurement and supply management capabilities to support the processing of requisitions and purchase orders, as well as the management of supplier relationships
  • Infor Global HR and Payroll—Infor Global HR and Payroll is a next-generation HR platform that supports holistic hire to retire functions
  • Infor ION®—A powerful and scalable integration framework that helps you eliminate operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve end-to-end efficiency
  • Infor Ming.le™—A platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics
  • Infor BI (Business Intelligence) & Reporting —Providing the right information, to the right individuals, at the right time to enable better, faster decision making
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Public sector customers


The results have been spectacular. Infor EAM Enterprise helps us implement a wide range of maintenance best practices that quadrupled the productivity of our maintenance operations.


Bill Miller Risk and reliability manager, Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District scales operations and controls costs with Infor Public Sector Suite (Lawson) and Ming.le. Infor was a perfect fit because it's solutions could handle all of our business processes right out of the box.


James Ollerton Risk and reliability manager, Director of Information Technology

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