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Infor XA

XA helps keep your business competitive in today's highly competitive manufacturing environment

35+ years in discrete manufacturing

XA is a dedicated discrete manufacturing solution for ETO, CTO, high-volume repetitive manufacturing, and more. A wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, high tech, general metal and plastic fabrication, and defense, trust XA to improve performance and deliver great results at lower total cost than any comparable solution. Providing the core functionality you need, critical information delivered to point of use, and embedded social business communication, XA delivers on the promise of ERP—without the downside of monolithic systems.


  • Manages all business processes: prospect to cash, source to pay, financial management, design to manufacture, and more
  • Built for the IBM® System i® platform
  • Flexible global deployment
  • Supports all manufacturing types: ETO, MTS, repetitive, and more
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Collaboration and visibility for business

XA provides embedded social communication features and pushes relevant information to users at the moment it is needed to help accelerate processes and solve problems faster.

Unmatched security

Unmatched security

No IBM Power System has ever been brought down by a virus or malware. That's why leading banks and casinos trust the IBM Power System to ensure zero downtime.

Global capability with local deployment

Global capability with local deployment

Deploy XA locally according to the needs of your business, while managing the whole enterprise as one source of information, one workflow and event management system, one mobile platform, and one user interface across all instances.