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Achieve a standard, upgradable, and easily supported deployment

Deployment Services

Getting new technology systems up and running quickly, as well as achieving a standard, upgradeable, and easily supported deployment are the keys to delivering a fast and reliable return on an investment. From provisioning and system implementation to performance management and tuning, Infor Services' deployment experts draw on decades of experience to help our customers achieve standardized implementations that incorporate best practices and result in a lower cost of ownership.

  • Deploy quickly and reliably, anywhere in the world
  • Accelerate time to value and minimize risk
  • Achieve a cost-effective, easily supported deployment
  • Maximize the long-term value of your investment



Infor Implementation Accelerators leverage our experience to deliver industry-specific best practice content—including pre-defined menus, processes, and structures—accompanied by a finely tuned implementation methodology. To further speed solution deployment and integration, Infor Services delivers high-value functional, project management, and technical offshore services through the Infor Center of Excellence.

Data migration

A well-planned data migration is key to the success of any implementation or upgrade. With Infor experts guiding and executing the data migration process, the likelihood of long-term success is easier to achieve. This saves time and money in the short term, while in the long term, it positions organizations for more efficient performance and better results.

Infor Deployment Method and certified project management

Infor Services assures quality implementations with governance, quality control, and certified industry-specific best practice procedures through the Infor Deployment Method. We prepare our teams to deliver the latest product footprint, as well as leadership and business knowledge to Infor customers via Infor Academy. The resulting Infor Services certifications ensure that our consultants carry out the highest quality projects with the lowest degree of risk.

Cloud migration

From assessing the potential ROI and planning a cloud migration strategy to provisioning the new environment and helping make the transition with minimal risk, we devote the full scope of Infor’s resources and expertise to making our customers successful.

Performance optimization

Long after go-live, the Infor Services team is there to continually optimize system performance. By deploying in the cloud, upgrades become our responsibility. Because our customers are always on the latest version of their solution, they can take advantage of Infor’s on-going technology investments, as well as experience guaranteed levels of uptime and system performance. In short, we focus on the technology, so our customers can focus on their business.

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