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Advances in Advanced Scheduling

United States – April 29, 2015, 16:30 PM

A new release of Infor Advanced Scheduling (AS) is a major leap forward in product functionality.

Infor AS version 11 includes key enhancements to help planners collaborate efficiently and evaluate production schedule performance using real-time decision support metrics. The results are easier deployment of schedules and improved collaboration between various teams, ensuring that schedules align with key business objectives.

Infor Advanced Scheduling is a constraint-based scheduling solution providing components that are aimed at addressing the unique scheduling challenges for process manufacturers managing variables such as the capacity of tanks, vessels and lines as well as the flow between them. This latest version adds collaborative scheduling, quick search and filter functionality and a user-friendly dashboard for managing schedule performance.

"Infor Advanced Scheduling is designed to achieve tight synchronization of all operations across the production lines, helping process manufacturers overcome scheduling challenges by shortening planning time and decreasing production stoppages. This solution delivers a more accurate and efficient production schedule, which streamlines the overall production process," said John Bermudez, Infor vice president of product management.

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